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Volume 12 Issue 12, December 2018

Efficient perovskite emitters

Perovskite–polymer LEDs with external quantum efficiencies exceeding 20% are demonstrated. Ultrafast spectroscopy reveals that non-radiative losses are fully eliminated leading to near-100% internal electroluminescence quantum efficiencies. The perovskite–polymer light emitter shows significant potential for display, lighting and communications applications.

See Di et al.

Image: Baodan Zhao, Richard H. Friend, Dawei Di, University of Cambridge. Cover Design: Bethany Vukomanovic.

Volume 12 Issue 12


  • Optical fibre technology transformed telecommunications, leading to the global broadband Internet, and beyond. Charles Kuen Kao is the father of optical fibre communications whose vision changed the world.

    • Chinlon Lin




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News & Views

  • A collection of hot rubidium atoms is shown to exhibit non-reciprocal optical transmission due to the interplay between thermal motion and electromagnetically induced transparency.

    • Dimitrios L. Sounas
    News & Views
  • Applications for optical fibre sensors have evolved beyond physical measurements in the defence, oil, gas and civil engineering sectors to tackle new opportunities in chemical detection.

    • Rachel Won
    News & Views
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Review Articles

  • This Review discusses emerging applications of photonic quantum sensing. The theoretical and experimental developments of quantum reading of classical data, quantum illumination of targets, and optical resolution beyond the Rayleigh limit are described.

    • S. Pirandola
    • B. R. Bardhan
    • S. Lloyd
    Review Article
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  • Self-organization far from thermal equilibrium in a thermo-optical feedback process occurring in a random array of Fabry–Pérot resonators is shown, adding new capability to dynamic self-assembly in creating materials with fine-tuned adaptive responses.

    • Chad Ropp
    • Nicolas Bachelard
    • Xiang Zhang
  • Optical non-reciprocity is experimentally realized with Rb atoms embedded in a ring cavity at room temperature. Random thermal motion of the atoms causes the probe-direction-dependent response assisted by a unidirectional control laser field.

    • Shicheng Zhang
    • Yiqi Hu
    • Shangqing Gong
  • A direct wireless-to-optical receiver in a transparent optical link is achieved, thanks to a subwavelength two-dimensionally localized gap-plasmon mixer encoding wireless information directly onto optical signals.

    • Y. Salamin
    • B. Baeuerle
    • J. Leuthold
  • A quantum walker on a hexagonal glued array of optical waveguides is made inside a glass substrate. The optimal hitting time increases linearly with the layer depth, giving a quadratic speed-up over the hitting performance by classical random walks.

    • Hao Tang
    • Carlo Di Franco
    • Xian-Min Jin
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