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  • Recent effort in controlling the structure of light in all its degrees of freedom and dimensions has pushed the limits of structured light and broadened its potential beyond orbital angular momentum, two-dimensional fields, qubits and biphotons, and linear optical manipulation.

    • Andrew Forbes
    • Michael de Oliveira
    • Mark R. Dennis
    Review Article
  • The potential of machine-learning application to the field of ultrafast photonics is reviewed, with key examples including pulsed lasers, and control and characterization of ultrafast propagation dynamics.

    • Goëry Genty
    • Lauri Salmela
    • Sergei K. Turitsyn
    Review Article
  • Recent improvements of the operation speed of variable optical elements are reviewed with an emphasis on components with microsecond focus-varying response time.

    • SeungYeon Kang
    • Martí Duocastella
    • Craig B. Arnold
    Review Article
  • The Review summarizes the progress of hybrid quantum photonics integration in terms of its important design considerations and fabrication approaches, and highlights some successful realizations of key physical resources for building integrated quantum devices, such as quantum teleporters, quantum repeaters and quantum simulators.

    • Ali W. Elshaari
    • Wolfram Pernice
    • Val Zwiller
    Review Article
  • This Review covers recent progress in integrated quantum photonics (IQP) technologies and their applications. The challenges and opportunities of realizing large-scale, monolithic IQP circuits for future quantum applications are discussed.

    • Jianwei Wang
    • Fabio Sciarrino
    • Mark G. Thompson
    Review Article
  • Front-induced transitions have been used in dispersion-engineered waveguides for frequency conversion, optical delays, and bandwidth and pulse duration manipulation. This Review provides a theoretical description of the subject and highlights the potential for light manipulation in guided optics.

    • Mahmoud A. Gaafar
    • Toshihiko Baba
    • Alexander Yu. Petrov
    Review Article
  • Acousto-optical interactions within integrated optics platforms are reviewed with a discussion of the useful chip-based devices such as lasers, amplifiers, filters, isolators and more besides that can result.

    • Benjamin J. Eggleton
    • Christopher G. Poulton
    • Gaurav Bahl
    Review Article
  • Frequency comb spectroscopy is a recent field of research that has blossomed in the past five years. This Review discusses developments in the emerging and rapidly advancing field of atomic and molecular broadband spectroscopy with frequency combs.

    • Nathalie Picqué
    • Theodor W. Hänsch
    Review Article
  • This Review discusses the developments and applications of on-chip optical frequency comb generation based on two concepts—supercontinuum generation in photonic-chip waveguides and Kerr-comb generation in microresonators.

    • Alexander L. Gaeta
    • Michal Lipson
    • Tobias J. Kippenberg
    Review Article
  • This Review describes quantum frequency combs that operate via photon entanglement, beginning with mode-locked quantum frequency combs followed by energy–time entanglement methods. The use of photonic integration and fibre-optic telecommunications components in enabling the quantum state control are also discussed.

    • Michael Kues
    • Christian Reimer
    • Roberto Morandotti
    Review Article
  • This Review discusses recent advances of microwave photonic technologies and their applications in communications and information processing, as well as their potential implementations in quantum and neuromorphic photonics.

    • David Marpaung
    • Jianping Yao
    • José Capmany
    Review Article
  • Rather than requiring millions of pixels, it is possible to make a camera that only needs one pixel. This Review details the working principle, advantages, technical considerations and future potential of single-pixel imaging.

    • Matthew P. Edgar
    • Graham M. Gibson
    • Miles J. Padgett
    Review Article
  • This Review discusses emerging applications of photonic quantum sensing. The theoretical and experimental developments of quantum reading of classical data, quantum illumination of targets, and optical resolution beyond the Rayleigh limit are described.

    • S. Pirandola
    • B. R. Bardhan
    • S. Lloyd
    Review Article
  • Starting with a desired optical output it is possible to use computational algorithms to inverse design devices. The approach is reviewed here with an emphasis on nanophotonics.

    • Sean Molesky
    • Zin Lin
    • Alejandro W. Rodriguez
    Review Article
  • Over the past 10–15 years, quantitative phase imaging has moved from a research-driven to an application-focused field. This Review presents the main principles of operation and representative basic and clinical science applications.

    • YongKeun Park
    • Christian Depeursinge
    • Gabriel Popescu
    Review Article