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  • This Progress Article details the latest achievements and underlying principles of light carrying transverse spin.The capabilities and future applications of this young yet already advanced field are highlighted.

    • Andrea Aiello
    • Peter Banzer
    • Gerd Leuchs
    Progress Article
  • Attracting objects with optical beams may seem like science fiction, but various schemes already do this, albeit with some caveats and limitations. The most recent progress in this emerging field is reviewed, with particular emphasis on manipulation of small objects by optically induced 'negative forces'.

    • Aristide Dogariu
    • Sergey Sukhov
    • José Sáenz
    Progress Article
  • The intermediate-band solar cell is designed to provide a large photogenerated current while maintaining a high output voltage. Nanostructured materials and certain alloys have been employed in the practical implementation of these devices. This Progress Article reviews the range of different approaches and discusses how to resolve the remaining technical issues.

    • Antonio Luque
    • Antonio Martí
    • Colin Stanley
    Progress Article
  • Silicon lasers have long been a goal for semiconductor scientists. This Progress Article reviews the most recent developments in this field, including silicon Raman lasers, the first germanium-on-silicon lasers operating at room temperature, and hybrid silicon microring and microdisk lasers. Challenges and opportunities for the present approaches are also discussed.

    • Di Liang
    • John E. Bowers
    Progress Article
  • Resonant optical cavities such as Fabry–Perot resonators or whispering-gallery structures are subject to radiation pressure pushing their reflecting 'walls' apart. Deformable optical cavities yield to this pressure, but in doing so they in turn affect the stored optical energy, resulting in an optical back-action. For such cavities the optics and the mechanics become strongly coupled, making them fascinating systems in which to explore theories of measurements at the quantum limit. Here we provide a summary of the current state of optomechanics of deformable optical cavities, identifying some of the most important recent developments in the field.

    • Ivan Favero
    • Khaled Karrai
    Progress Article
  • The year 2009 marks the tenth anniversary of the first report of white-light supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibre. This result had a tremendous impact on the field of nonlinear fibre optics and continues to open up new horizons in photonic science. Here we provide a concise and critical summary of the current state of nonlinear optics in photonic crystal fibre, identifying some of the most important and interesting recent developments in the field. We also discuss several emerging research directions and point out links with other areas of physics that are now becoming apparent.

    • John M. Dudley
    • J. Roy Taylor
    Progress Article
  • Diode-pumped thin-disk lasers are now capable of generating femtosecond light pulses with a pulse energy in the microjoule regime at multi-megahertz repetition rates. This review describes the progress that has been made in scaling the performance of such lasers and the applications that may benefit as a result.

    • T. Südmeyer
    • S. V. Marchese
    • U. Keller
    Progress Article