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  • Measurement of the arrival times of annihilation photons in a detector with greater precision is opening the way to new direct forms of tomographic positron emission imaging that do not require back-projection-based reconstruction techniques.

    • Suleman Surti
    • Joel S. Karp
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  • For 20 years, nanoscale 3D printing has been based on two-photon absorption, requiring expensive pulsed lasers. Now, via a two-step absorption process, such printing has been demonstrated using a low-cost, low-power continuous-wave laser diode, showing the potential for dramatic cost reductions in 3D nanoprinting.

    • Paul V. Braun
    • Mark L. Brongersma
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  • The three-dimensional images generated by digital holography are usually limited to a single color. A new technique exploiting frequency combs generates holograms with hundreds of colors at once.

    • Chao Dong
    • David Burghoff
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  • The direct generation of femtosecond pulses from an 8-μm quantum cascade laser could prove transformative for sensing and spectroscopy.

    • Sukhdeep Dhillon
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  • The demonstration of a germanium-based photodiode with a 3 dB bandwidth of 265 GHz and compatibility with silicon photonics and CMOS fabrication offers a cost-effective route to faster channel data rates for optical communications.

    • Léopold Virot
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  • The stabilization of perovskite nanocrystals (PeNCs) by a surrounding metal–organic framework (MOF) results in a simple yet effective way to make extraordinarily bright PeNC-based LEDs, with stable continuous operation of up to tens of hours.

    • Hilmi Volkan Demir
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  • Quantum teleportation is demonstrated between light and the vibrations of a nanomechanical resonator, realizing a key capability for quantum computing.

    • Glen I. Harris
    • Warwick P. Bowen
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  • Practical on-chip optical isolators providing non-reciprocal propagation are still a challenge. Now, two independent groups show that a phonon-mediated break of the chiral symmetry in waveguide resonators may offer a solution.

    • Sakellaris Mailis
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  • The phase of terahertz waves can now be precisely modulated electronically using a chip-based digitally coded phase shifter. The achievement is a step towards chip-scale integrated terahertz technology.

    • Vassili Fedotov
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  • Photon propagation through an array of coupled waveguides arranged in various fractal patterns serves as a useful ‘optical simulator’ for revealing insights into quantum transport in complex scenarios.

    • Tamás Kiss
    • Igor Jex
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  • A simple yet effective optical set-up, employing two controllable, indistinguishable photons, is proven to allow a direct measurement of the exchange phase due to the bosonic particle statistics.

    • Rosario Lo Franco
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  • Electromagnetic confinement in optical resonators of diminishing dimensions has enabled unprecedented light–matter interaction strengths. This miniaturization trend has a nonlocal limit, which, surprisingly, originates from the matter excitations rather than the light.

    • A. I. Fernández-Domínguez
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  • The adiabatic encirclement of exceptional points in non-Hermitian systems is known to produce surprising non-adiabatic effects. A new study finds a cheat code to exactly emulate this behaviour without ever having to produce an exceptional point.

    • Seunghwi Kim
    • Gaurav Bahl
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  • Reducing the footprint of optical spectrometers is a critical requirement for many in-field applications. Now, a single black phosphorus photodetector with a wavelength-scale size enables mid-infrared computational spectrometry.

    • Vicente Durán
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  • A ‘twin-field’ repeater-less protocol has enabled an experimental demonstration of secure quantum key distribution over a 511-km long-haul optical fibre link.

    • Charles C.-W. Lim
    • Chao Wang
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  • A chip-based optical frequency comb has enabled the realization of a 300 GHz signal with record low phase noise. The development could yield ultra-compact, ultra-low-noise sources for millimetre-wave applications in telecommunications, remote sensing and precision spectroscopy.

    • Yann Le Coq
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