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  • X-ray photons emitted by free electrons travelling in van der Waals materials show energy shifts induced by quantum recoil, thus offering a viable route to generating tailored and tunable single X-ray photons.

    • Nahid Talebi
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  • A field trial in the Swiss mountains demonstrating that an intense laser beam can guide lightning discharge over tens of metres gives hope for the development of a new form of mobile lightning protection.

    • Cord L. Arnold
    • Clara J. Saraceno
    • M. Teresa Correia de Barros
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  • A scheme for converting qubits between two different representations, discrete and continuous variables, paves the way for more-efficient quantum networks.

    • Hyunseok Jeong
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  • Enhancement of laser energy conversion into X-rays is obtained using a target made by entwined carbon nanotubes.

    • Andrea Macchi
    • Francesco Pegoraro
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  • The near-field chirality of a single-symmetry achiral object enables polarization-dependent unidirectional photocurrent generation, and the vectorial output paves a way for a new family of geometric photodetectors.

    • Artur Movsesyan
    • Zhiming Wang
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  • The resonance wavelengths of optical Möbius strip microcavities can be continuously tuned via geometric phase manipulation by changing the thickness-to-width ratio of the strip.

    • Bruno Piccirillo
    • Verónica Vicuña-Hernández
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  • Using two different designs of superconductor-based detectors, two independent research groups report photon number detection for light pulses with up to 100 photons.

    • Tim J. Bartley
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  • Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors offer outstanding performance, but the development of large-format imaging arrays is challenging. A new approach based on sectioning a single nanowire enables an eightfold improvement of the spatial resolution and the realization of a 1,024-pixel imager.

    • Daniel F. Santavicca
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  • The free-carrier dispersion effect with photo-excited free carriers provides all-optical control of the resonance of photonic crystal microcavities. Using this technique, a spatial light modulator comprising optically addressed cavity arrays has been developed for high-efficiency, high-bandwidth spatiotemporal modulation of light.

    • Volkan Gurses
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  • Experimental confirmation that the Gouy phase can modify the photonic de Broglie wavelength opens up many exciting directions in metrology using quantum systems with higher-order Gaussian modes.

    • Xuemei Gu
    • Mario Krenn
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  • Suppression of exciton–vibration coupling yields organic light-emitting diodes that emit at 1,000 nm in the NIR-II spectral region, which is important for biological imaging.

    • Alessandro Minotto
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