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  • Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) technology, which provides a high-speed optical-data link directly into the house or apartment, is now becoming very popular in Japan and Korea. Adarsh Sandhu spoke to the FTTH Council Asia Pacific about the status of the technology in the region.

    • Adarsh Sandhu
  • Unwanted reflections can severely limit the performance of optical components. David Gevaux spoke to Fred Schubert from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute about how his nanomaterials with a refractive index almost equal to that of air can help.

    • David Gevaux
  • Using quantum optics to process data could herald a new era of information technology. With the latest semiconductor source of photons, researchers are paving the way towards this enticing goal.

    • Markus Aspelmeyer
    News & Views
  • Lasers are a triumph of modern optics, and mirrors play a crucial role in the coherent light produced. A hi-tech reflector could make lasers a lot smaller and lead to their inclusion in an even wider range of optical devices.

    • Alan E. Willner
    News & Views
  • Advances in laser-based fabrication technology have resulted in the construction of the first three-dimensional silicon photonic quasicrystals that operate in the infrared.

    • Che Ting Chan
    News & Views
  • Why is General Electric Global Research so interested in the optical properties of butterfly wings? Rachel Won spoke to Radislav Potyrailo about the recent findings of his team that the wing's nanostructures act as a high-performance optical sensor for detecting vapours.

    • Rachel Won
  • Nature has had millions of years to perfect the art of playing with light. Her intricate designs are providing useful fodder for our imagination.

  • Imaging and spectroscopy equipment that exploits terahertz waves rather than visible or infrared light is now being developed by several firms around the world. Duncan Graham-Rowe spoke to a few of them to catch up with the latest developments.

    • Duncan Graham-Rowe
    Out of the lab
  • For over 50 years, Teruo Hiruma, the president of the Japanese firm Hamamatsu Photonics, has been striving to make photonics a practical technology that can benefit society and industry. Oliver Graydon spoke to him about the challenges the firm faced in its early days and his opinions on the future.

    • Oliver Graydon
  • A new method for slowing down light pulses while minimizing pulse distortion could help create practical photonic devices that route bits of information in optical-telecommunication systems.

    • Daniel J. Gauthier
    News & Views
  • By adding a tiny hole into the solid-core of a photonic-crystal fibre, scientists have been able to beat the diffraction limit and confine and guide light in the subwavelength regime.

    • Tanya Monro
    News & Views
  • The realization of compact and reliable diode-pumped solid-state lasers that emit UV light is now opening the door to new industrial applications. Neil Savage describes the uses of the technology and a round-up of products in the area.

    • Neil Savage
    Product Focus