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  • Nitrogen-vacancy centres in surface-engineered diamond are demonstrated to operate as charge-sensitive fluorescent reporters, enabling an optical scheme for voltage recording in physical and biological systems.

    • D. J. McCloskey
    • N. Dontschuk
    • D. A. Simpson
  • Under near-infrared-light excitation, anti-Stokes-shift superfluorescence is observed near 590 nm at room temperature in a medium of lanthanide-doped upconversion nanoparticles. The spectral width and radiative decay lifetime are 2 nm and 46 ns, respectively, in the single-nanoparticle case.

    • Kai Huang
    • Kory Kevin Green
    • Shuang Fang Lim
  • Multilayered ferroelectric NbOI2 crystals with sub-100-nm thickness exhibit efficient second harmonic generation, paving the way for on-chip nonlinear optical components.

    • Rupert F. Oulton
    • Jefferson Flórez
    • Alex S. Clark
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  • A new method enables precise control of spin qubits in diamond by selectively activating them with a laser beam, thus paving the way to the control of spin qubits in dense arrays for applications in quantum technology.

    • Tim Hugo Taminiau
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  • The hardest barrier in the way to topological control over light with magnetic fields is extremely weak magneto-optic coupling. Now, strong light-matter coupling in an optical cavity has been used to reach record energy splitting values for photonic spins in magnetic fields. This is a potential game changer for topological photonics.

    • Anton Nalitov
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  • An ultrabroadband femtosecond enhancement cavity is developed, using gold-coated mirrors and a wedged-diamond-plate input coupler. Simultaneous enhancement of a 22–40 THz offset-free frequency comb allows cavity-enhanced time-domain spectroscopy of gas mixtures based on electro-optic sampling in the mid-infrared range.

    • Philipp Sulzer
    • Maximilian Högner
    • Ioachim Pupeza
    Letter Open Access
  • The presence of topologically protected edge states is usually determined by angular-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, requiring clean surfaces and ultrahigh vacuum. Now, an all-optical technique, based on high-harmonic radiation, has been shown to detect topological phase transitions under ambient conditions.

    • Dieter Bauer
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  • Researchers demonstrate a method based on circularly polarized laser-field-driven high-harmonic generation for probing non-trivial and trivial topological phases in a three-dimensional topological insulator.

    • Christian Heide
    • Yuki Kobayashi
    • Shambhu Ghimire
  • Optical fibres can now directly generate a variety of Bessel beams thanks to custom-designed, intricate 3D-printed structures applied to their tips.

    • Siddharth Ramachandran
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  • Gabriel Popescu passed away in June 2022. He will be remembered as a creative leader in biophotonics, with pioneering contributions to quantitative phase imaging and spectroscopy, an engaging collaborator and a dear friend.

    • Natan T. Shaked
    • YongKeun Park
    • Peter T. C. So
  • Up to six photons in a Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger state are sequentially generated by using a Rydberg superatom—a mesoscopic atomic ensemble under the condition of strong Rydberg blockade. The efficiency scaling factor for adding one photon is 0.27.

    • Chao-Wei Yang
    • Yong Yu
    • Jian-Wei Pan