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  • Strained NbOI2 flakes with a thickness of 20 nm exhibit a record SHG absolute conversion efficiency of >0.2% and an effective bulk-like nonlinear susceptibility of 1.1 × 10−9 m V−1 at the fundamental wavelength of 1,050 nm. The spatial profile of the polarized second-harmonic generation response can be tuned by the fundamental wavelength.

    • Ibrahim Abdelwahab
    • Benjamin Tilmann
    • Kian Ping Loh
  • Asymmetric parametric generation of light in nonlinear metasurfaces is enabled by nonlinear dielectric resonators in translucent metasurfaces. Upon infrared illumination, different and independent visible light images are detected for ‘forwards’ versus ‘backwards’ operation.

    • Sergey S. Kruk
    • Lei Wang
    • Yuri Kivshar
  • Giant effective photon–photon interactions are achieved by hybridizing light with excitons in an InGaAs-based quantum well micropillar cavity. Cross-phase modulation of up to 3 mrad per polariton is observed at the laser intensity below the single-photon level.

    • Tintu Kuriakose
    • Paul M. Walker
    • Dmitry N. Krizhanovskii
  • Tunable sub-megahertz spectral features are demonstrated without resonators. The approach, which exploits gain-enhanced polarization pulling in a twisted birefringent medium, may be useful in applications such as microwave photonic filters, slow and fast light, and optical sensing.

    • Neel Choksi
    • Yi Liu
    • Li Qian
  • High-harmonics spectroscopy reveals the closure of the bandgap between adjacent conduction bands in solids driven by high-intensity laser fields, providing insight into light-driven modifications of band structures

    • Dieter Bauer
    News & Views
  • The strongly temperature-dependent band-edge absorption from gallium arsenide enables an optical thermometer with nanokelvin temperature resolution and microscale spatial resolution.

    • Chaman Gupta
    • Peter J. Pauzauskie
    News & Views
  • A new solution to Maxwell’s equations, photonic toroidal vortex, is experimentally realized.

    • Chenhao Wan
    • Qian Cao
    • Qiwen Zhan
    Article Open Access
  • Modifications of the effective band structure of MgO crystal is investigated on a timescale within one-quarter cycle of the electromagnetic-field oscillation. The high-harmonic generation spectra show a signature of laser-induced closing of the bandgap.

    • Ayelet J. Uzan-Narovlansky
    • Álvaro Jiménez-Galán
    • Nirit Dudovich
    Letter Open Access
  • A heat-powered emitter can sometimes exceed the Planck thermal-emission limit. We clarify when such super-Planckian emission is possible, arguing that far-field super-Planckian emission requires a distribution of energy that is not consistent with a unique temperature, and therefore the process should not be called ‘thermal emission’.

    • Yuzhe Xiao
    • Matthew Sheldon
    • Mikhail A. Kats
  • Researchers demonstrate systems in which optical solitons coexist and interact with topological solitonic structures localized in the molecular alignment field of a soft birefringent medium. The findings could lead to solitonic tractor beams and new light–matter self-patterning phenomena.

    • Guilhem Poy
    • Andrew J. Hess
    • Ivan I. Smalyukh
  • Researchers demonstrate a multilevel non-volatile phase shifter memory that is based on the monolithic integration of BaTiO3 thin films and silicon waveguides. By manipulating ferroelectric domains in BaTiO3 with electrical control signals, they achieve analogue and non-volatile optical phase tuning.

    • Jacqueline Geler-Kremer
    • Felix Eltes
    • Stefan Abel
  • Continuously adjustable single-cycle waveform spanning from 0.9 to 12.0 μm is obtained by cascaded intrapulse difference-frequency generation in a ZnGeP2 crystal. The cascade-associated phase response—distinct for different spectral bands—provides a new tuning parameter for waveform adjustment.

    • Philipp Steinleitner
    • Nathalie Nagl
    • Ka Fai Mak
    Article Open Access