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  • Light sheet microscopy offers rapid 3D imaging of biological specimens while limiting photodamage. Nature Photonics spoke with Elizabeth Hillman of Columbia University about its capabilities, promising applications and present limitations.

    • Giampaolo Pitruzzello
  • The demonstration of a low-loss diamond mirror cavity that can temporally store X-ray pulses brings hope for a future generation of X-ray free electron lasers.

    • Enrico Allaria
    • Giovanni De Ninno
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  • Platforms enabling control over strong light–matter interactions in optical cavities provide a challenging but promising way to manipulate emergent light–matter hybrids. Spin selectivity of transitions has now been demonstrated in a two-dimensional hole gas microcavity system, paving the way towards the study of new spin physics phenomena in hybrid excitations.

    • Hrvoje Buljan
    • Zhigang Chen
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  • Vibrations of individual molecules are difficult to detect due to thermal noise. In a recent report, researchers overcome this challenge, upconverting mid-infrared photons into visible light using nanophotonic cavities. The result is high-efficiency optical readout for single-molecule vibrational spectroscopy.

    • Matthew Sheldon
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  • The interaction of terahertz waves with novel materials is bringing rich physics and new opportunities for applications.

    • Oliver Graydon
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  • Precise measurements of the length of an Earth day are essential for understanding global mass transport phenomena. A ring laser gyroscope provides absolute measurements of variations in the length of the day with a resolution of 5 parts per billion over a 14-day period.

    • Caterina Ciminelli
    • Giuseppe Brunetti
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  • Time reflection and refraction are experimentally observed in ultracold atoms. To this end, the time boundary is formed by imposing an abrupt change in the coupling strength of the atomic chain. Time boundary effects are robust against material disorder.

    • Zhaoli Dong
    • Hang Li
    • Bo Yan
  • Mansoor Sheik-Bahae, an exceptionally inventive scientist who made important contributions to nonlinear optics, optical refrigeration and laser science, passed away in July 2023, aged 67. He will be cherished for his sharp intellect, good humour, warm heart and the scientific legacy he leaves.

    • Richard Epstein
    • Denis Seletskiy
    • Eric Van Stryland
  • Activity in using photonics for subsea wireless communications and power generation is starting to make waves.

  • The laser community returned to Prague to celebrate science and to be connected, in person, again, while high-power lasers were in the limelight.

    • Rachel Won
    Meeting Report
  • A diffractive axicon (a device that diffracts the input light pulse radially) enables complex correlations between the topological charges and the frequencies of ultrashort laser pulses, resulting in a variety of ultrashort coiled light structures.

    • Spencer W. Jolly
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  • Researchers have developed efficient electro-optic tools for manipulating the time and frequency of single photons by taking inspiration from Fresnel lenses.

    • John M. Donohue
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