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  • In recent decades, progress in developing better nonlinear materials has not been as rapid as wished. Here I propose that this may be explained by considering the simple view of nonlinear optical phenomena as being determined mostly by the length of interaction time between photons and matter. Tentative routes towards improvements in the efficiency of nonlinear optical phenomena are suggested.

    • Jacob B. Khurgin
  • Researchers demonstrate that the dark saturation current in organic photodiodes is fundamentally limited by mid-gap trap states. This leads to an upper limit for specific detectivity.

    • Oskar J. Sandberg
    • Christina Kaiser
    • Ardalan Armin
    Article Open Access
  • The addition of a strong coupling layer allows polariton-based emission from red and green organic light-emitting diodes with high external quantum efficiency up to 10%, linewidth smaller than 20 nm and angle-independent emission, with spectral shifts smaller than 10 nm over a 60° angular tilt.

    • Andreas Mischok
    • Sabina Hillebrandt
    • Malte C. Gather
    Article Open Access
  • Nature Photonics has now integrated the Figshare data repository into its submission system.

  • Nature Photonics talks to Mark Hahnel, the founder and CEO of Figshare, a popular data repository, about the benefits and trends in making data open and shareable.

    • Oliver Graydon
  • Current LiDAR approaches suffer from congestion issues, which affect measurement performance and increased system complexity. Now researchers demonstrate a chaotic microcomb that exhibits congestion-immune naturally orthogonalized light channels.

    • Ruixuan Chen
    • Haowen Shu
    • Xingjun Wang
    Article Open Access
  • A quantum key distribution with a key rate of 115.8 Mb s–1 is demonstrated over 10 km standard optical fibre. To this end, a high-speed and stable system, an integrated transmitter for low error modulation and multipixel superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors are developed.

    • Wei Li
    • Likang Zhang
    • Jian-Wei Pan
  • X-ray photons emitted by free electrons travelling in van der Waals materials show energy shifts induced by quantum recoil, thus offering a viable route to generating tailored and tunable single X-ray photons.

    • Nahid Talebi
    News & Views
  • A field trial in the Swiss mountains demonstrating that an intense laser beam can guide lightning discharge over tens of metres gives hope for the development of a new form of mobile lightning protection.

    • Cord L. Arnold
    • Clara J. Saraceno
    • M. Teresa Correia de Barros
    News & Views
  • Single-crystal perovskite LEDs exhibit reduced ion migration and Auger recombination and increased device lifetime. Perovskite single-crystals-based LEDs exhibit a maximum brightness of 86,000 cd m−2, a peak EQE of 11.2% and T50 lifetime of 12,500 h at an initial luminance of 100 cd m−2.

    • Wenjing Chen
    • Zongming Huang
    • Zhengguo Xiao