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  • Researchers demonstrate that the dark saturation current in organic photodiodes is fundamentally limited by mid-gap trap states. This leads to an upper limit for specific detectivity.

    • Oskar J. Sandberg
    • Christina Kaiser
    • Ardalan Armin
    Article Open Access
  • The addition of a strong coupling layer allows polariton-based emission from red and green organic light-emitting diodes with high external quantum efficiency up to 10%, linewidth smaller than 20 nm and angle-independent emission, with spectral shifts smaller than 10 nm over a 60° angular tilt.

    • Andreas Mischok
    • Sabina Hillebrandt
    • Malte C. Gather
    Article Open Access
  • Nature Photonics has now integrated the Figshare data repository into its submission system.

  • Nature Photonics talks to Mark Hahnel, the founder and CEO of Figshare, a popular data repository, about the benefits and trends in making data open and shareable.

    • Oliver Graydon
  • Current LiDAR approaches suffer from congestion issues, which affect measurement performance and increased system complexity. Now researchers demonstrate a chaotic microcomb that exhibits congestion-immune naturally orthogonalized light channels.

    • Ruixuan Chen
    • Haowen Shu
    • Xingjun Wang
    Article Open Access
  • A quantum key distribution with a key rate of 115.8 Mb s–1 is demonstrated over 10 km standard optical fibre. To this end, a high-speed and stable system, an integrated transmitter for low error modulation and multipixel superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors are developed.

    • Wei Li
    • Likang Zhang
    • Jian-Wei Pan
  • X-ray photons emitted by free electrons travelling in van der Waals materials show energy shifts induced by quantum recoil, thus offering a viable route to generating tailored and tunable single X-ray photons.

    • Nahid Talebi
    News & Views
  • A field trial in the Swiss mountains demonstrating that an intense laser beam can guide lightning discharge over tens of metres gives hope for the development of a new form of mobile lightning protection.

    • Cord L. Arnold
    • Clara J. Saraceno
    • M. Teresa Correia de Barros
    News & Views
  • Single-crystal perovskite LEDs exhibit reduced ion migration and Auger recombination and increased device lifetime. Perovskite single-crystals-based LEDs exhibit a maximum brightness of 86,000 cd m−2, a peak EQE of 11.2% and T50 lifetime of 12,500 h at an initial luminance of 100 cd m−2.

    • Wenjing Chen
    • Zongming Huang
    • Zhengguo Xiao
  • Mordechai (Moti) Segev spoke with Nature Photonics about the fascinating topic of photonic time crystals — materials with a refractive index that is periodically modulated in time on ultrafast timescales — and their inspiring future ahead.

    • Rachel Won