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  • The addition of DDT to the spiro-OMeTAD hole transport material enhances the stability of perovskite solar cells to humidity, heat and illumination stress. Fabricated devices exhibit a champion certified power conversion efficiency of 23.1%. Also, the devices could retain 90% of the initial efficiency after 1,000 h of continuous illumination, 97% under moisture stress for 530 h and 91% under 144 h of heat stress.

    • Xu Liu
    • Bolin Zheng
    • Martin Green
  • Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors offer outstanding performance, but the development of large-format imaging arrays is challenging. A new approach based on sectioning a single nanowire enables an eightfold improvement of the spatial resolution and the realization of a 1,024-pixel imager.

    • Daniel F. Santavicca
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  • A photodetector responding to only circularly polarized light is developed. It has a ring-shaped form, consisting of plasmonic nanostructures on a graphene sheet. Its zero-bias responsivity and detectivity of ellipticity in the mid-infrared at room temperature are 392 V W−1 and 0.03° Hz−1/2, respectively.

    • Jingxuan Wei
    • Yang Chen
    • Cheng-Wei Qiu
  • Researchers demonstrate a laser-plasma accelerator-driven free-electron laser in a seeded configuration, where control over the radiation wavelength and longitudinal coherence are achieved.

    • Marie Labat
    • Jurjen Couperus Cabadağ
    • Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie
    Article Open Access
  • The intrinsic Kerr nonlinearity in ring resonators is exploited to demonstrate passive isolation of a continuous-wave laser. Up to 35-dB isolation with 5-dB insertion loss was achieved on-chip.

    • Alexander D. White
    • Geun Ho Ahn
    • Jelena Vučković
  • The free-carrier dispersion effect with photo-excited free carriers provides all-optical control of the resonance of photonic crystal microcavities. Using this technique, a spatial light modulator comprising optically addressed cavity arrays has been developed for high-efficiency, high-bandwidth spatiotemporal modulation of light.

    • Volkan Gurses
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  • The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics celebrates the profound impact of quantum entanglement, which underpins many modern quantum technologies such as quantum cryptography and computing.

  • Experimental confirmation that the Gouy phase can modify the photonic de Broglie wavelength opens up many exciting directions in metrology using quantum systems with higher-order Gaussian modes.

    • Xuemei Gu
    • Mario Krenn
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  • Suppression of exciton–vibration coupling yields organic light-emitting diodes that emit at 1,000 nm in the NIR-II spectral region, which is important for biological imaging.

    • Alessandro Minotto
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  • Englund et al. demonstrate a programmable photonic crystal cavity array, enabling the spatiotemporal control of a 64 resonator, two-dimensional spatial light modulator with nanosecond- and femtojoule-order switching.

    • Christopher L. Panuski
    • Ian Christen
    • Dirk R. Englund