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  • Spatial distribution of the photoluminescence of interlayer excitons in van der Waals heterostructures comprising MoSe2 and WSe2 monolayers and encapsulated in rather thick hexagonal boron nitride is investigated, revealing interlayer exciton long-range transport with 1/e decay distances reaching and exceeding 100 μm.

    • L. H. Fowler-Gerace
    • Zhiwen Zhou
    • L. V. Butov
  • A single-metasurface-based holographic light projection covering the whole 360° field of view is realized by optimizing the metasurface design through a neural network and applying 360° structured light for holographic light projection and three-dimensional imaging.

    • Eunsue Choi
    • Gyeongtae Kim
    • Seung-Hwan Baek
  • High-harmonic spectroscopy is employed to investigate the electron–phonon, anharmonic phonon–phonon coupling, and their relaxation dynamics in solids. It reveals the maximum displacement of neighbouring oxygen atoms in α-quartz crystal to tens of picometres in real space.

    • Jicai Zhang
    • Ziwen Wang
    • Tran Trung Luu
  • By measuring the Brillouin gain only at mechanical frequencies of interest, Brillouin gain microscopy enables Brillouin imaging with a temporal resolution of 100 µs with excitation energies of 23 µJ on biological samples.

    • Roni Shaashoua
    • Lir Kasuker
    • Alberto Bilenca
    ArticleOpen Access
  • A fully hybrid integrated erbium-doped photonic integrated waveguide laser with wide tuning of 40 nm, side-mode suppression ratio of >70 dB and output power up to 17 mW is demonstrated, achieving not only footprint reduction but also the long-anticipated fibre-laser coherence.

    • Yang Liu
    • Zheru Qiu
    • Tobias J. Kippenberg
  • Researchers show that atom-like dipoles based on germanium vacancy centres in diamond may be useful as antennas, exhibiting million-fold near-field optical intensity enhancement. These antennas are used to detect and control the charge state of nearby carbon vacancies.

    • Zixi Li
    • Xinghan Guo
    • Alexander A. High
  • Ultrafast optical experiments using narrow-bandwidth tunable IR laser pulses enable nonvolatile all-optical switching of ferroelectric polarization in BaTiO3 in the epsilon-near-zero regime.

    • Vasily V. Temnov
    • Paolo Vavassori
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  • Nanofabricated strained photonic crystals in silicon platforms enable the formation of photonic Landau levels at telecommunication wavelengths, with broad potential applications for enhanced light–matter interactions on-chip.

    • Mahmoud Jalali Mehrabad
    • Mohammad Hafezi
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  • Advancements in laser-driven ceramic phosphors yield a high-power broadband near-infrared light source which suits applications in next-generation spectroscopy.

    • Xiao-Jun Wang
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  • We had all been wondering “where is Costas?” and now we learned that we shall not see him again. We have lost a good friend and leader in the photonics community.

    • Maria Kafesaki
    • Thomas Koschny
    • Martin Wegener
  • Owing to spectral long-range correlation, broadband energy can be delivered to extended targets deep inside a multiple-scattering system, greatly broadening the scope of controlling wave transport in disordered systems.

    • Rohin McIntosh
    • Arthur Goetschy
    • Hui Cao