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  • A single-metasurface-based holographic light projection covering the whole 360° field of view is realized by optimizing the metasurface design through a neural network and applying 360° structured light for holographic light projection and three-dimensional imaging.

    • Eunsue Choi
    • Gyeongtae Kim
    • Seung-Hwan Baek
  • High-harmonic spectroscopy is employed to investigate the electron–phonon, anharmonic phonon–phonon coupling, and their relaxation dynamics in solids. It reveals the maximum displacement of neighbouring oxygen atoms in α-quartz crystal to tens of picometres in real space.

    • Jicai Zhang
    • Ziwen Wang
    • Tran Trung Luu
  • By measuring the Brillouin gain only at mechanical frequencies of interest, Brillouin gain microscopy enables Brillouin imaging with a temporal resolution of 100 µs with excitation energies of 23 µJ on biological samples.

    • Roni Shaashoua
    • Lir Kasuker
    • Alberto Bilenca
    ArticleOpen Access
  • A fully hybrid integrated erbium-doped photonic integrated waveguide laser with wide tuning of 40 nm, side-mode suppression ratio of >70 dB and output power up to 17 mW is demonstrated, achieving not only footprint reduction but also the long-anticipated fibre-laser coherence.

    • Yang Liu
    • Zheru Qiu
    • Tobias J. Kippenberg
  • Researchers show that atom-like dipoles based on germanium vacancy centres in diamond may be useful as antennas, exhibiting million-fold near-field optical intensity enhancement. These antennas are used to detect and control the charge state of nearby carbon vacancies.

    • Zixi Li
    • Xinghan Guo
    • Alexander A. High
  • Ultrafast optical experiments using narrow-bandwidth tunable IR laser pulses enable nonvolatile all-optical switching of ferroelectric polarization in BaTiO3 in the epsilon-near-zero regime.

    • Vasily V. Temnov
    • Paolo Vavassori
    News & Views
  • Nanofabricated strained photonic crystals in silicon platforms enable the formation of photonic Landau levels at telecommunication wavelengths, with broad potential applications for enhanced light–matter interactions on-chip.

    • Mahmoud Jalali Mehrabad
    • Mohammad Hafezi
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  • Advancements in laser-driven ceramic phosphors yield a high-power broadband near-infrared light source which suits applications in next-generation spectroscopy.

    • Xiao-Jun Wang
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  • We had all been wondering “where is Costas?” and now we learned that we shall not see him again. We have lost a good friend and leader in the photonics community.

    • Maria Kafesaki
    • Thomas Koschny
    • Martin Wegener
  • Owing to spectral long-range correlation, broadband energy can be delivered to extended targets deep inside a multiple-scattering system, greatly broadening the scope of controlling wave transport in disordered systems.

    • Rohin McIntosh
    • Arthur Goetschy
    • Hui Cao
  • A terahertz-driven photogun with field gradients of 3 GV m−1 is demonstrated by using a few microjoules of single-cycle terahertz radiation. The emitted electrons are accelerated up to 14 keV and can be focused down to 90 μm. The electron bunch is further compressed to 167 fs.

    • Jianwei Ying
    • Xie He
    • Dongfang Zhang