image of x-ray emission from a van der waals material

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Featuring research findings on using terawatt lasers to guide lightning, terahertz Landau emission, deep label-free biological imaging, a video-rate hyperspectral image sensor and more besides.


  • Nobel Prize medal

    The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for their experiments exploring the nature of entangled photons, in particular tests of the Bell inequalities and the demonstration of quantum teleportation. To celebrate the prize, Springer-Nature has created a collection of seminal papers and relevant content from .

  • Moti Segev

    Nature Photonics speaks with Moti Segev from Technion in Israel about the rise of research into photonic time crystals, where light interacts with a periodic modulation of refractive index in time.

  • Photograph of Charles Townes

    With this collection of obituaries, we celebrate the great scientists that helped shape modern day photonics.

  • photograph of Gabriel Popescu

    Gabriel Popescu passed away in June 2022. He will be remembered as a creative leader in biophotonics, with pioneering contributions to quantitative phase imaging and spectroscopy, an engaging collaborator and a dear friend.

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  • In recent decades, progress in developing better nonlinear materials has not been as rapid as wished. Here I propose that this may be explained by considering the simple view of nonlinear optical phenomena as being determined mostly by the length of interaction time between photons and matter. Tentative routes towards improvements in the efficiency of nonlinear optical phenomena are suggested.

    • Jacob B. Khurgin
  • Nature Photonics has now integrated the Figshare data repository into its submission system.

  • Nature Photonics talks to Mark Hahnel, the founder and CEO of Figshare, a popular data repository, about the benefits and trends in making data open and shareable.

    • Oliver Graydon
  • Mordechai (Moti) Segev spoke with Nature Photonics about the fascinating topic of photonic time crystals — materials with a refractive index that is periodically modulated in time on ultrafast timescales — and their inspiring future ahead.

    • Rachel Won
  • Recollected by his colleagues as a creative and humble scholar with an indomitable will, Byoungho Lee was enthusiastic about realizing the holistic potential of holographic displays.

    • YongKeun Park
    • Jae-Hyeung Park
    • Ting-Chung Poon
  • Metalenz, a spin-out company from Harvard University founded in 2016, has launched its first metasurface-based product. Nature Photonics spoke with co-founder Federico Capasso about the company and its plans for flat optics.

    • Giampaolo Pitruzzello

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