Artistic representation portraying high-speed modulated light emission from perovskite light sources

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Featuring content on fast silicon-based perovskite light sources, efficient super-resolution imaging, photonic radar and lidar, the prospects for underwater photonics, and more besides.


  • Nobel Prize medal

    The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger for their experiments exploring the nature of entangled photons, in particular tests of the Bell inequalities and the demonstration of quantum teleportation. To celebrate the prize, Springer-Nature has created a collection of seminal papers and relevant content from .

  • Hongjie Dai

    Nature Photonics speaks to Hongjie Dai from Stanford University about bioimaging in the second near-infrared (NIR-II) spectral window and its clinical potential.

  • Photograph of Charles Townes

    With this collection of obituaries, we celebrate the great scientists that helped shape modern day photonics.

  • photograph of Gabriel Popescu

    Gabriel Popescu passed away in June 2022. He will be remembered as a creative leader in biophotonics, with pioneering contributions to quantitative phase imaging and spectroscopy, an engaging collaborator and a dear friend.

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  • Time reflection and refraction are experimentally observed in ultracold atoms. To this end, the time boundary is formed by imposing an abrupt change in the coupling strength of the atomic chain. Time boundary effects are robust against material disorder.

    • Zhaoli Dong
    • Hang Li
    • Bo Yan
  • Researchers demonstrated coherent dissipative Kerr solitons with a conversion efficiency exceeding 50% and good line spacing stability. The results may facilitate practical implementation of a scalable integrated photonic architecture for energy-efficient applications.

    • Óskar B. Helgason
    • Marcello Girardi
    • Victor Torres-Company
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Detecting the vibrations of individual molecules directly in the mid-infrared regime is hindered by thermal noise. Here researchers bypass conventional detectors and upconvert the mid-infrared photons into visible light using molecular bonds, yielding an optical readout for single-molecule vibrational spectroscopy.

    • Rohit Chikkaraddy
    • Rakesh Arul
    • Jeremy J. Baumberg
    ArticleOpen Access
  • Attosecond transient reflectivity spectroscopy, in combination with extensive time-dependent density functional theory calculations, is used to study field-driven carrier injection in germanium in the time window of few femtoseconds around pulse overlap, paving a route towards achieving full optical control over charge carriers in semiconductors.

    • Giacomo Inzani
    • Lyudmyla Adamska
    • Matteo Lucchini

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