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Featuring research on higher-order topological states, nanolasers for cell tracking, ultrastable optical clocks, lightwave-driven superconductivity and more besides. 

Latest Research

  • Letter |

    An amplitude squeezed light source that operates down to 1 kHz frequencies—the lowest squeezing frequency—is generated in nonlinear crystal-based systems. By injecting the squeezed light into a microresonator, the quantum radiation pressure noise is reduced by 1.2 dB.

    • Min Jet Yap
    • , Jonathan Cripe
    • , Georgia L. Mansell
    • , Terry G. McRae
    • , Robert L. Ward
    • , Bram J. J. Slagmolen
    • , Paula Heu
    • , David Follman
    • , Garrett D. Cole
    • , Thomas Corbitt
    •  & David E. McClelland
  • Article |

    By exploiting the electro-optic properties of thin-film lithium niobate, an integrated single-waveguide Fourier transform spectrometer with a footprint of <10 mm2 and an operational bandwidth of 500 nm in the near- and short-wavelength infrared is demonstrated.

    • David Pohl
    • , Marc Reig Escalé
    • , Mohammad Madi
    • , Fabian Kaufmann
    • , Peter Brotzer
    • , Anton Sergeyev
    • , Benedikt Guldimann
    • , Philippe Giaccari
    • , Edoardo Alberti
    • , Urs Meier
    •  & Rachel Grange
  • Letter |

    Unusual photoemission from graphene is explained by the emission of hot electrons. The findings may lead to integrated photonic devices driven by hot-electron emission.

    • Fatemeh Rezaeifar
    • , Ragib Ahsan
    • , Qingfeng Lin
    • , Hyun Uk Chae
    •  & Rehan Kapadia
  • Article |

    By employing a Doppler cancellation technique, optical frequency synthesis is achieved with stability and accuracy in the 10−20 range within 100 s. An offset between two optical frequency combs phase-locked at 1,542 nm is obtained as 5.4 × 10−21 at 1,063 nm within 105 s.

    • Michele Giunta
    • , Wolfgang Hänsel
    • , Marc Fischer
    • , Matthias Lezius
    • , Thomas Udem
    •  & Ronald Holzwarth

News & Comment

  • News & Views |

    The occurrence of Bell non-locality, observations that cannot be explained in terms of local influences, is one of the most remarkable features of quantum theory. A new test of non-locality, tailored for quantum networks, has now been implemented in a network with two independent quantum sources.

    • Cyril Branciard
  • News & Views |

    Higher-order topological states that are robust against certain classes of disorder and pinned to lattice corners are now observed in photonics platforms.

    • Şahin K. Özdemir
    •  & Ramy El-Ganainy
  • Comment |

    Father of the semiconductor laser, Nobel Prize laureate and director of the Ioffe Institute in St Petersburg, Zhores Alferov was a much-loved scientist and educator whose research changed the modern world.

    • Sergey Ivanov
  • Meeting Report |

    Dielectric antennas and metasurfaces open up new opportunities for future applications in advanced optoelectronics, light detection and ranging for autonomous vehicles, fluorescence-enhancing substrates for bioimaging and many more.

    • Rachel Won
  • News & Views |

    Engineering the thermal profile of a polymer by means of conducting microwires provides a path towards versatile tunable optical elements.

    • Rafael Piestun

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