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Volume 18 Issue 9, September 2023

Controlled translocations of single molecules

The cover depicts the controlled translocation of an individual molecule using a glass nanopore. Through the integration of nanopore sensing into a scanning ion conductance microscope, it is possible to control the translocation speed and detect single-nucleotide gaps.

See Leitao et al.

Image: Samuel Leitao, EPFL. Cover Design: Amie Fernandez.


  • The largest nanoscience and nanotechnology conference in the world took place again after a four-year hiatus.



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News & Views

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Research Briefings

  • Certain proteins have been optimized over millennia to exhibit shock-absorbing capabilities. To harness these capabilities, synthetic biology was used to incorporate the mechanosensitive protein talin into a hydrogel. The resulting talin shock-absorbing material (TSAM) retains the mechanical properties of talin and can absorb the impact of, as well as capture, supersonic projectiles.

    Research Briefing
  • Intercellular calcium waves (ICW) are mechanosensitive signalling phenomena that coordinate cellular responses in key physiological processes. The force applied by light-activated molecular machines is shown to remotely stimulate ICW. The ICW induced by these molecular machines can be exploited to regulate downstream functions, such as muscle contraction, in vitro and in vivo.

    Research Briefing
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Review Articles

  • This Review analyses the mechanisms of light extraction from perovskite light-emitting diodes and suggests new approaches towards ultrahigh electroluminescence efficiencies.

    • Baodan Zhao
    • Maria Vasilopoulou
    • Dawei Di
    Review Article
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