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Volume 18 Issue 3, March 2023

From DNA slats to cell-sized rugs

The microscopy image shows a multi-micron DNA structure obtained from crisscross polymerization of thousands of uniquely addressable DNA-origami ‘slats’.

See Wintersinger et al.

Image: Anastasia Ershova and Chris Wintersinger, Harvard University. Cover Design: Amie Fernandez

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  • A technique that blends micro- and nanometre-scale printed elements has been used to sculpture white light into a spatial array of coloured twisted beams, demonstrating sophisticated photonic control even with common incoherent sources of light.

    • Andrew Forbes
    • Leerin Perumal
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  • The self-assembly of a triblock bottlebrush polymer at one length scale controls the ordering of the self-assembly at a smaller scale, forming a hierarchical unit cell.

    • Kevin G. Yager
    News & Views
  • DNA chirality allows it to act as an electrohydrodynamical turbine under the action of an electroosmotic flow when confined in nanopores.

    • Mauro Chinappi
    • Blasco Morozzo della Rocca
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  • Topological magnetic monopoles are non-local spin textures that are robust to thermal and quantum fluctuations, but they are difficult to study at the nanoscale in real space. Now, soft X-ray vector ptycho-tomography is demonstrated to determine the three-dimensional magnetization vector and emergent magnetic field of such magnetic monopoles in a ferromagnetic meta-lattice.

    • Arjun Rana
    • Chen-Ting Liao
    • Jianwei Miao
  • Electrons in two-dimensional semiconductor moiré materials experience competing magnetic interactions. Magneto-optical measurements of moiré devices with controlled screening of the Coulomb interactions now evidence a Wigner–Mott insulating state with frustrated magnetic interactions.

    • Yanhao Tang
    • Kaixiang Su
    • Jie Shan
  • A single DNA or RNA duplex can rotate unidirectionally when subject to an external electric field, generating sufficient torque to power rotary motion of larger nanoscale objects.

    • Christopher Maffeo
    • Lauren Quednau
    • Aleksei Aksimentiev
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