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Volume 17 Issue 8, August 2022

Treating sepsis with nanoparticles

Artistic representation of NAD(H)-loaded nanoparticles to replenish intracellular NAD(H) pool. NAD(H) are potential immunomodulators, but they cannot diffuse across the cell membrane, which hinders their clinical applications. Direct intracellular NAD(H) delivery enabled by nanoparticles can improve cellular energy supply and prevent inflammation-induced cell pyroptosis and apoptosis, thereby reducing fatality in severe sepsis by maintaining immune and vascular homeostasis.

See Ye et al.

IMAGE: Xin Zou, University of Wisconsin-Madison. COVER DESIGN: Amie Fernandez


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  • Nanoneedle start-ups are traversing the biotech valley of death — from fundamental university research into commercial development in advanced therapeutics and diagnostics. How can academics make the most of this opportunity?

    • Roey Elnathan
    • Andy Tay
    • Ciro Chiappini
  • Using our company’s CO2 electrolysers as a model, we describe the challenges involved in incorporating nanomaterial catalysts into industrial-scale electrolysers and suggest ways to more efficiently realize the performance improvements of academic-scale novel nanomaterials at industrial scales.

    • Aya K. Buckley
    • Sichao Ma
    • Kendra P. Kuhl
  • Perovskite quantum dots have been proven promising for photonic and optoelectronic applications, particularly, as bright and narrow band emitters for display technology. Despite the advantageous properties, the stability issues have to be resolved to unleash the full industrial potential of perovskite quantum dots in display technology.

    • Xian-gang Wu
    • Honglei Ji
    • Haizheng Zhong
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