Volume 11 Issue 6, June 2016

Volume 11 Issue 6

Tools for controlling magnetism at the nanoscale are crucial for the development of new paradigms in optics, electronics and spintronics. E. Albisetti, D. Petti, E. Riedo, R. Bertacco and co-workers have now introduced a new concept, thermally assisted magnetic scanning probe lithography, for creating fully reconfigurable magnetic nanopatterns. A hot nanotip is used to perform a highly localized field cooling in antiferromagnetic/ferromagnetic multilayer films. This method allows to reversibly pattern magnetic nanostructures with controlled spin configuration, without changing the film chemistry and topography. The cover image is an artist’s impression of the excitation and propagation of spin waves in a magnonic conduit patterned with the proposed technique.

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    As artists and manufacturers explore the use of spray-on carbon nanotube coatings, Andrew D. Maynard explores the state of the science around nanotube safety.

    • Andrew D. Maynard

Research Highlights

News & Views

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    Gold-doped graphene combined with a bilayer gold mesh and polymeric microneedles forms a wearable sweat-based patch for real-time monitoring of glucose levels and controlled drug delivery.

    • Richard Guy
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    Spontaneous formation of defects in the walls of leaky tumour blood vessels may explain the increased accumulation of large nanoparticles in certain tumours.

    • Fitz-Roy E. Curry
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    Experiments show that the radiative heat transfer between two closely spaced parallel surfaces can be two to three orders of magnitude higher than Planck's law for the far field would predict.

    • Masahiro Nomura

Review Article

  • Review Article |

    This article reviews emergent nanoscale phenomena related to nanoscale contacts, which can have a great impact on the results of nanoelectronic experiments.

    • Ryan Requist
    • , Pier Paolo Baruselli
    •  & Erio Tosatti




In the Classroom

  • In the Classroom |

    Cooperation can help transform small ideas into a complete workable system, says Hyunjae Lee.

    • Hyunjae Lee
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