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  • Thanks to a stable fluorinated interphase formed on top of a Zn metal anode, a Zn metal battery shows 99.9% Coulombic efficiency and record-high Zn utilization.

    • Guojin Liang
    • Chunyi Zhi
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  • Twisted bilayer graphene enables the realization of Josephson junctions and single electron transistors in a single, crystalline material using electric field gating only, thereby avoiding interfaces between dissimilar materials.

    • Jonathan R. Prance
    • Moshe Ben Shalom
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  • This Perspective aims to place nanoplastics in the context of global plastic pollution by assessing its sources and risks, and by assessing commonalities nanoplastics may share with other nanosized objects in environmental systems.

    • Denise M. Mitrano
    • Peter Wick
    • Bernd Nowack
  • This Perspective examines how the characteristics of nanoplastic impact environmental fate, potential effects on biota and human health, sampling and analysis in a different way from either microplastic or engineered nanomaterials.

    • Julien Gigault
    • Hind El Hadri
    • Mark Wiesner
  • The memristor, in which an external electric field controls the formation and annihilation of conductive channels, has been described both as a missing electronic element and a memory and computational element. Here, their utility as building blocks for promising reflective and energy-efficient colour technology is described.

    • Syed Ghazi Sarwat
    • Harish Bhaskaran
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  • The use of phase-change materials makes metasurfaces and nanoantennas electrically tunable and switchable, bringing their functionality to the next level.

    • Sergey Lepeshov
    • Alex Krasnok
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  • Localized zero-energy fermionic states can bind to topological defects such as two-dimensional vortices, which can be realized in the bulk of artificial acoustic and optical lattices.

    • Penglin Gao
    • Johan Christensen
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  • Near-field optical microscopy reveals unique nanoscale domain structures of Moiré patterns in minimally twisted bilayer graphene via the photothermoelectric effect.

    • Alexey Y. Nikitin
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  • This Review outlines the potential applications of nanotechnology-based treatments for infectious diseases, with a specific focus on the progress and challenges in developing nanomedicines against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

    • Ameya R. Kirtane
    • Malvika Verma
    • Giovanni Traverso
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  • Selective growth of nanoporous metal–organic framework nanocrystals in the stacking defects of graphene oxide layers improves the mechanical integrity and water–solute selectivity of graphene oxide membranes.

    • Xiaofang Chen
    • Huanting Wang
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  • In a simple bilayer structure, spin torque induced by a reduced crystal symmetry switches perpendicular magnetization reliably at zero magnetic field.

    • Soogil Lee
    • Jeongchun Ryu
    • Byong-Guk Park
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  • Despite its high promise, there are still many challenges for CRISPR-mediated plant genetic engineering, yet nanotechnology can play an important role in lowering and possibly eliminating these challenges.

    • Gozde S. Demirer
    • Tallyta N. Silva
    • Markita P. Landry
  • This Perspective reflects current understanding and future prospects of nanoscale biological recognition at the bio–nano interface and the opportunity that such insights provide for advancing nanoscale therapies. The authors describe the key mechanisms and propose a framework of principles that could guide future research efforts in the area.

    • Kenneth A. Dawson
    • Yan Yan
  • The careful optimization of all components of a quantum emitter single photon source yields over 50% end-to-end efficiency, a benchmark for optical quantum technologies.

    • Sarah Thomas
    • Pascale Senellart
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  • Targeting of the peptide hormone relaxin to injured mouse liver, via a nanoparticle/gene therapy approach, switches pro-fibrotic hepatic macrophages to a restorative phenotype that orchestrates tissue repair.

    • Jonathan A. Fallowfield
    • Prakash Ramachandran
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  • This Review summarizes the development history of Pt-based nanocatalysts and recent analytical studies to identify the technical issues in the automobile application, proposing promising strategies for overcoming the trade-offs among the efficiency,power density, and durability of polymer electrolyte fuel cells.

    • Kensaku Kodama
    • Tomoyuki Nagai
    • Yu Morimoto
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