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  • Heterostructure of graphene and biaxial van der Waals crystal supports a species of plasmon-phonon-polaritons whose isofrequency dispersion contour can be manipulated while experiencing a topological transition.

    • Sergey G. Menabde
    • Min Seok Jang
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  • Suspensions of 2D hexagonal boron nitride show an anomalously large specific Cotton–Mouton coefficient, enabling the fabrication of a magnetically tuneable and stable birefringent optical device. This device serves as a transmissive light modulator with wavelengths entering the ultraviolet (UV)-C region, representing a technological advance in deep-UV modulation.

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  • A ‘dual-ligand passivation system’ is designed and synthesized to functionalize colloidal quantum dots to realize ultra-high resolution patterns by direct photolithography.

    • Junpeng Fan
    • Lei Qian
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  • Intrinsically stretchable QD-based semiconducting nanocomposites enable the realization of electronic retina with multispectral response.

    • Mengxin Ren
    • Jingjun Xu
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  • Catalytically active, self-propelled microrobots can trap and remove nanoplastics from water.

    • Raghavendra Palankar
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  • A clever phononic crystal design produces a wide band gap for hypersonic phonons.

    • Ilari J. Maasilta
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  • A series of emergent electronic orders are observed in an antiparallel twisted WSe2 bilayer. The discoveries provide a powerful platform for simulating quantum phenomena in strongly correlated materials.

    • Dongyang Yang
    • Ziliang Ye
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  • Sub-molecular spectroscopy enables the real-space study of incoherent and coherent electronic energy transfer in artificial molecular donor–acceptor systems and their dependence on the molecular arrangement.

    • Takashi Kumagai
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  • This Review elaborates on the recent developments and the future opportunities and challenges of fundamental research on semiconductor moiré materials, with a particular focus on transition metal dichalcogenides.

    • Kin Fai Mak
    • Jie Shan
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  • Cryo-electron microscopy uncovers the interfacial failure mechanism of lithium metal anodes at the atomic scale, informing a F-rich solid-electrolyte interface design strategy for highly-reversible solid-state Li metal batteries.

    • Jia-Qi Huang
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  • This Perspective suggests a characterization cascade for nanoparticle-based vaccines that takes into consideration the complexity of the materials and of their immunomodulatory responses, providing a roadmap for the preclinical validation of potential vaccine candidates.

    • Giuditta Guerrini
    • Davide Magrì
    • Luigi Calzolai
  • Artificial-muscle fibres mimic the ordered nanostructures in natural-muscle fibres to achieve promising mechanical and actuation properties.

    • Shaoting Lin
    • Xuanhe Zhao
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  • A frequency filtering method can efficiently remove the autofluorescence background and light scattering during in vivo visible and near-infrared experiments.

    • Lingfei Lu
    • Fan Zhang
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  • Tilting the substrate after bar-coating of colloidal perovskite nanocrystals facilitates the nanocrystal self-assembly process and enables highly efficient large-area perovskite LEDs.

    • Kang Wang
    • Letian Dou
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