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  • The upstream self-diffusion of dissociated protons induces long-lasting electricity generation in 2D nanochannels of MXene/PVA film with low water permeability.

    • Pengfei Wang
    • Tingxian Li
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  • Room-temperature wafer-scale thermal evaporation of 20 different polycrystalline rare-earth-metal fluoride films for their use in 2D transistors is demonstrated.

    • Tibor Grasser
    • Michael Waltl
    • Theresia Knobloch
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  • A metallic line defect in a layer of molybdenum disulfide can serve as an atomically narrow gate electrode demonstrating how to further miniaturize two-dimensional field effect transistors.

    • Wouter Jolie
    • Thomas Michely
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  • A platform for optical levitation of nanoparticles on the surface of a chip shows promise for portable quantum sensors of motion and force.

    • Tania S. Monteiro
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  • A room-temperature polaritonic valley Hall topological insulator has been developed by integrating topological photonics with perovskite-embedded optical cavities, for protected optical signal propagation along pre-designed paths.

    • Helgi Sigurðsson
    • Barbara Piętka
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  • Combining single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) and fluorescence lifetime information inside an anti-Brownian electrokinetic (ABEL) trap makes it possible to distinguish dozens of biomolecules in a sample mixture. This method enables extensive barcoding of biomolecules with a minimal set of chemical components and opens up a path toward biomolecule quantification in complex mixtures.

    • Thorsten Hugel
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  • Nanowires enable efficient genetic engineering of non-activated naive T cells, providing a technological platform for the generation of gene-modified T cells with maximal therapeutic efficacy.

    • Dragana Slavkovic-Lukic
    • Luca Gattinoni
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  • By manipulating the glass transition of the electrolyte, nanometre-resolution electrochemical ion implantation doping can be achieved in various polymeric semiconductors.

    • Ying Diao
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  • The emission wavelengths of semiconductor lasers based on group-IV materials can be efficiently reconfigured by using strained nanomechanical resonators.

    • Fabio Pezzoli
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  • An aptamer-based nanobiosensor has been integrated into a wearable sweat sensor, allowing non-invasive tracking of the female reproductive hormone, oestradiol, with the potential to deliver sustainable solutions to female reproductive healthcare needs.

    • Fabiana Arduini
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