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    Gate-based reflectometry enables single-shot spin readout in double quantum dots. This can help to reduce the number of gates necessary to operate a spin qubit and the per qubit device footprint, while allowing fast measurement — important characteristics for scalable quantum computing architectures.

    • Xuedong Hu
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    The combination of a nanopore and an atomic force microscope allows stochastic sensing of secreted molecules and the activity of ion channels in arbitrary locations both inside and outside of a cell.

    • Amit Meller
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    Three-dimensional nanowire transistors with curvilinear tips record intracellular signals from neurons.

    • Yin Fang
    •  & Bozhi Tian
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    The combination of ferroelectrics and phase-change materials provides a route towards phase-change data storage at room temperature, without heating.

    • Robert E. Simpson
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    The development of devices that exploit the intrinsic properties of two-dimensional materials can provide opportunities for in-memory computing and area-efficient integrated circuits based on Moore’s law.

    • Du Xiang
    • , Tao Liu
    •  & Wei Chen
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    Grafting nanodroplets by surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization can be carried out at liquid–liquid interfaces.

    • Anna Carlmark
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    Carbon fibres maximize lithium usage, offering a path to realistic high-energy-density lithium-metal batteries.

    • Rodrigo V. Salvatierra
    •  & James M. Tour
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    A semiconductor quantum dot that generates polarization-entangled photon pairs on demand has been realized, marking an important milestone for scalable integrated quantum photonics and information processing.

    • Igor Aharonovich
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    The ability to synthesize metal-doped nanoplastic opens windows to accurately assess the potential environmental hazards that nanoplastic poses.

    • Albert A. Koelmans
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    An FDA-approved iron oxide nanoparticle used for the treatment of anaemia can be repurposed for leukaemia therapy.

    • Suzy V. Torti
    •  & Frank M. Torti
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    Built-in molecular motors in a porous crystal show unidirectional rotary motion fuelled by light.

    • Hubiao Huang
    •  & Takuzo Aida
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    A nanoelectromechanical system made from a nanobeam embedded in a phononic crystal and coupled to a pair of superconducting microwave oscillators can couple hypersonic sound quanta at 0.425 GHz and light quanta with high coherence.

    • Guido Burkard
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    Far-field photons can be coupled to acoustic graphene plasmons with near 100% efficiency and used to acquire infrared spectra of thin, subnanometre-layer samples.

    • Marta Autore
    •  & Rainer Hillenbrand
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    On the route towards a useful quantum computer, we must not ignore the materials challenges facing us nor the opportunities that materials science may provide for disruptive new qubits.

    • Charles Tahan
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    Nanoparticles can affect vascular integrity, promoting cancer cell intravasation and extravasation and metastasis in murine breast cancer models.

    • Tsveta S. Malinova
    •  & Stephan Huveneers
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    Responsive polymersomes enhance the action of STING-targeting cyclic dinucleotides in cancer therapy.

    • Jeffrey A. Hubbell
    •  & Melody A. Swartz
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    Ultrasoft, flexible nanoelectronics enables electrical monitoring and chemical alteration of the behaviour of stem-cell-derived cardiomyocytes.

    • Donata Iandolo
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    An immunotherapeutic nanoparticle spray may improve post-surgery tumour control.

    • Reinhard Liebers
    •  & Dirk Jäger
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    An artificial nanostructure inspired by the sea anemone can be used for efficient removal of a wide range of water contaminants.

    • Janet G. Hering
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    In a magnetic tunnel junction, Joule heat increases the voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy effect in the free layer and thereby pushes the amplification gain for microwaves beyond one.

    • Qiming Shao
    •  & Kang L. Wang
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    A nanofabricated twisted topological waveguide on silicon platform enables robust guiding of light at telecommunication wavelength.

    • Sabyasachi Barik
    •  & Mohammad Hafezi
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    Applying a radiofrequency voltage to the junction of a scanning tunnelling microscope allows the nuclear spins of single copper atoms to be detected and different copper isotopes to be distinguished.

    • Laurent Limot
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    Single-molecule break-junctions can detect RNA strands without requiring amplification or conversion to DNA with a limit of detection in the attomolar regime.

    • Delphine Bouilly
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    Engineered nanomaterials are often highly reactive and readily transform to new species. New modelling capabilities incorporate these transformations into estimates of environmental exposure concentrations and associated risks more accurately.

    • Gregory V. Lowry
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    Particle nanofeatures activate the inflammasome and influence immunity.

    • Brandon M. Johnson
    • , Robert D. Junkins
    •  & Jenny P.-Y. Ting
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    Chemical oscillations emerge during the chemically fuelled self-assembly of a perylene diimide derivative as a result of simple feedback mechanisms.

    • Job Boekhoven
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    A simple approach to spontaneously assemble malaria antigens into liposomes generates long-lasting, functional immune responses in mice and rabbits.

    • Robert S. Oakes
    •  & Christopher M. Jewell
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    Intracellular gold nanoclusters act as photosensitizers, enabling non-photosynthetic bacteria to produce acetic acid from carbon dioxide in a more efficient and durable fashion.

    • Zhaowei Chen
    •  & Elena A. Rozhkova
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    Magneto-photoluminescence experiments reveal the role of dark excitons in the formation of biexcitons and charged biexcitons in tungsten diselenide monolayers.

    • Cedric Robert
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    Semisynthetic vesicles coated with neutrophil membranes act as novel weapons to control arthritis.

    • Bethan L. Thomas
    •  & Mauro Perretti
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    Meta-electrodes, lasing and optoacoustic poration achieve network-wide intracellular recording.

    • Ramya Parameswaran
    •  & Bozhi Tian
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    Quantitative near-infrared bioimaging gets a boost from time-domain multiplexing.

    • Jean-Claude G. Bünzli
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    Permeation experiments and simulations show that the ion diffusion rate in confinement can be reversibly modulated and significantly enhanced with a potential of less than 0.5 V.

    • Yury Gogotsi
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    A new material selection tool offers a proactive perspective on nanotechnology research and development.

    • Callie W. Babbitt
    •  & Elizabeth A. Moore
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    A phase-separated state is observed with single-stranded DNA composed of ‘polymeric’ blocks and exploited to programme the assembly of micrometre-sized all-DNA colloidal particles.

    • Chad A. Mirkin
    •  & Sarah Hurst Petrosko
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    Nanotechnology could make agriculture more efficient and more sustainable, but more systematic understanding of the mechanisms involved is necessary to prove the potential of nano-enabled agrochemicals.

    • Jason C. White
    •  & Jorge Gardea-Torresdey
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    The top-down fabrication of voltage-controlled superconducting qubits brings upscaling into reach.

    • Steven J. Weber
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    Fluorine-rich layers on both anode and cathode protect the electrodes and provide rechargeable lithium metal batteries with high energy density and intrinsic safety.

    • Qiang Zhang
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    A quantum dot device reaches close to optimal thermoelectric efficiency by working with electrons that lever heat.

    • Christian Van den Broeck