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  • Kostya S. Novoselov, professor of physics at the University of Manchester, UK, has been digging into the details of the life of an editor by asking Fabio Pulizzi, Chief Editor of Nature Nanotechnology, some inside information on his work.

    • Kostya S. Novoselov
    • Fabio Pulizzi
    In the Classroom
  • Outreach should be part of any scientist’s curriculum, as Jennifer Dionne explains.

    • Jennifer A. Dionne
    In the Classroom
  • Giacomo Prando explains how his experience as an editor helped him broaden his horizons as a scientist.

    • Giacomo Prando
    In the Classroom
  • The spirit of collaboration in a one-room schoolhouse in rural Scotland served as a model for being creative in science, as Fraser Stoddart explains, recounting his journey to Stockholm.

    • Fraser Stoddart
    In the Classroom
  • Ronit Satchi-Fainaro reflects on decision making in science and in life.

    • Ronit Satchi-Fainaro
    In the Classroom
  • Failure is an unavoidable element of the process that leads to discovery and it should be embraced even in early education, says Deji Akinwande.

    • Deji Akinwande
    In the Classroom
  • What do you need to consider when launching a scientific start-up? James Vicary highlights what in his views are the three main issues.

    • James Vicary
    In the Classroom
  • How can school pupils be introduced to materials science and nanotechnology? Pierfrancesco Riccardi and Claudio Goletti illustrate the advantages of extracurricular activities designed by researchers and teachers.

    • Pierfrancesco Riccardi
    • Claudio Goletti
    In the Classroom
  • Universities and institutions in the United States are getting ready to celebrate nanotechnology and its achievements for National Nanotechnology Day. Lisa Friedersdorf, Quinn Spadola and Brendan Ryan share students' plans for the occasion.

    • Lisa E. Friedersdorf
    • Quinn A. Spadola
    • Brendan Ryan
    In the Classroom
  • How do you explain a topic like cancer nanotechnology to non-experts? Nicole Steinmetz illustrates an approach combining science and the performing arts.

    • Nicole Steinmetz
    In the Classroom
  • Themis Prodromakis explains how to engage primary school students in nanotechnology — even outside the classroom.

    • Themis Prodromakis
    In the Classroom
  • Rémy Pawlak and Tobias Meier discuss how they got involved in the first international NanoCar Race and their impressions from this experience.

    • Rémy Pawlak
    • Tobias Meier
    In the Classroom
  • Steffen Foss Hansen and Anders Baun present some of the approaches that they have implemented in their Nanotechnology and the Environment course.

    • Steffen Foss Hansen
    • Anders Baun
    In the Classroom
  • Julien Bobroff describes new ways to popularize fundamental and applied condensed-matter physics.

    • Julien Bobroff
    In the Classroom
  • Passion for science and technology can be a powerful motivator to overcome hurdles, as Nader Engheta explains, recounting his own experience as an immigrant.

    • Nader Engheta
    In the Classroom
  • When an important concept puts a scientific paper under the spotlight, behind the scenes there is usually a long story of mystery solving, as Philip Petersen explains.

    • Philip Petersen
    In the Classroom
  • Verena Schulze Greiving and Kornelia Konrad describe a toolbox that they developed to support researchers in exploring the societal implications and prerequisites of their work.

    • Verena Schulze Greiving
    • Kornelia Konrad
    In the Classroom
  • Ilse Marschalek and Margit Hofer reflect on the outcome of their international NanOpinion project, focusing on raising public awareness about nanotechnology.

    • Ilse Marschalek
    • Margit Hofer
    In the Classroom
  • A student team project can be a very valuable experience, as Sjoerd van Empelen explains.

    • Sjoerd van Empelen
    In the Classroom
  • Straying off-course can lead to unexpected far-reaching results, says Floris Kalff.

    • Floris Kalff
    In the Classroom