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DNA protocells, high-Q metasurfaces, MOFs in perovskite solar cells, bilayer MoS2 and more.

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  • Editorial |

    Two nanoparticle-based vaccines close to obtaining approval by the US Food and Drug Administration could represent a giant step in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • News & Views |

    Ultrafast spectroscopy measurements present a new direct non-equilibrium energy transfer mechanism across a metal–semiconductor interface, without charge transfer, opening up a new avenue for plasmonic energy conversion.

    • Christopher J. Ciccarino
    •  & Prineha Narang
  • News & Views |

    The intercalation of an antennae array with a geometric Pancharatnam–Berry phase into a defective two-dimensional photonic crystal slab enables a spin-dependent splitting of directional emission in momentum space, that is, a Rashba effect for photons.

    • Alex Krasnok
  • News & Views |

    A new memory device in which the electric dipole, rather than the magnetic dipole, stores information at the single-molecule level is demonstrated.

    • Sadafumi Nishihara


When nanotechnology focuses on COVID-19

Image courtesy of Rita Acúrcio, University of Lisbon

When nanotechnology focuses on COVID-19

In face of the coronavirus pandemic, the nanotechnology community has joined forces to provide tools and expertise to COVID-19 research efforts. Long-term experience in drug delivery, nanovaccines, immunoengineering, biosensors and platform technologies positions nanotechnology in a unique place to tackle some of the key issues in preclinical and clinical COVID-19 research

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