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with a special focus on excitons in van der Waals structures.

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    A nanofabricated twisted topological waveguide on silicon platform enables robust guiding of light at telecommunication wavelength.

    • Sabyasachi Barik
    •  & Mohammad Hafezi
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    Applying a radiofrequency voltage to the junction of a scanning tunnelling microscope allows the nuclear spins of single copper atoms to be detected and different copper isotopes to be distinguished.

    • Laurent Limot


The Kavli Prize 2018

The Kavli Foundation / Enzo Finger Design

The Kavli Prize 2018

The Kavli Prize is awarded by a partnership between the Norwegian Academy of Sciences, the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and the Kavli Foundation recognizing seminal work of scientists in astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience

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