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Volume 5 Issue 3, March 2020

Jumping on the treadmill

The use of an in vitro system in which key proteins involved in cell division are attached to supported lipid bilayers reveals that membrane-bound cytosolic peptides of FtsN and FtsQ co-migrate with treadmilling FtsZ–FtsA filaments via a diffusion-and-capture mechanism, elucidating how FtsZ dynamics regulate the distribution of peptidoglycan synthases.

See Baranova, N. et al.

Image: Natalia Baranova & Martin Loose, IST Austria. Cover Design: Valentina Monaco.

News & Views

  • Bacteriophage therapeutics has emerged as one of the few potential beacons that represent possible solutions to the growing global crisis of antimicrobial resistance. Bringing science to the bedside (and vice versa) will maximize the potential of this compelling opportunity.

    • Robert T. Schooley
    • Steffanie Strathdee
    News & Views


  • Resistance to antibiotics is a hot topic in microbiology, but there is much less coverage on resistance to vaccines. The associated risk to disease control has potentially devastating implications, but advances are being made towards smarter vaccine design that reduces the risk of antibiotic-resistant disease.

    • Stephen Bentley
    News & Views
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