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Volume 3 Issue 10, October 2018

Volume 3 Issue 10

Lost in hibernation

Cryo-electron-microscopy imaging of hibernating ribosomes from Escherichia coli elucidates the molecular composition of these complexes and their mode of assembly, reveals how translation initiation is inhibited, and identifies a role for the ribosomal protein S1 in ribosome inactivation.

See Beckert et al.

Image: Bertrand Beckert, Martin Turk, Daniel N. Wilson. Cover Design: Samantha Whitham.


  • Editorial |

    Without greater attention being paid to the work–life balance of academic researchers, effects on creativity, productivity, interpersonal relationships and mental health will continue to grow, increasing the risk of burnout.

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    The H445Y mutation in the β-subunit of RNA polymerase in Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes resistance to the antibiotic rifampicin and changes mycobacterial lipid composition. Infection with rpoB H445Y results in metabolic shifts that allow the bacteria to bypass a key host inflammatory response.

    • Yu-Xiang Chen
    • Babak Javid
  • News & Views |

    How the immune system handles the relentless presence of commensal bacteria is an area of great interest. Here, researchers describe a role for autophagy in mediating tolerance to the microbiota, the absence of which can impart beneficial resistance to infection but also possible detriment in the form of autoimmunity.

    • Jennifer Martinez
  • News & Views |

    Components of the sphingolipid biosynthetic pathway induce a favourable conformation in the proteinaceous murine norovirus receptor (CD300lf) that facilitates virus entry.

    • Benhur Lee


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