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Volume 2 Issue 5, May 2017

Volume 2 Issue 5

Cycle proficiency

In the pathogenic blood stage of infection, Plasmodium falciparum cell-cycle progression is directed by the parasite-specific kinase CRK4. Without active CRK4, DNA replication is inhibited and the nuclei are deformed by spindle-like structures.

See Ganter et al. 2, 17017 (2017)

Image: Markus Ganter, Cover Design: Samantha Whitham


  • Editorial |

    If we are to be successful in keeping priority pathogens at bay in the long term, global responses to antimicrobial resistance should embrace and fund innovative therapeutic strategies that are developed in the basic microbiology laboratory.


Comment & Opinion

  • Q&A |

    We spoke with Gary Nabel about research funding, making the move from academia to industry, transformative innovation to improve global health, and the current state of the infectious disease drug pipeline.

    • Nonia Pariente

News & Views

  • News & Views |

    The sensor cyclic GMP–AMP synthase (cGAS) is well known to recognize viral DNA. In this issue of Nature Microbiology, infection by dengue virus (DENV), which has an RNA genome, is shown to induce mitochondrial DNA release into the cytosol, leading to cGAS activation. In turn, DENV targets cGAS to evade antiviral immunity.

    • Michiel van Gent
    • Michaela U. Gack
  • News & Views |

    Bacterial specialized metabolites are bioactive molecules with antibacterial or other activities that are of tremendous clinical use. New work has revealed that transcript elongation is a distinct and widespread point of secondary metabolic gene regulation, which has implications for expanding drug discovery.

    • Justin R. Nodwell



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