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    To support urgent research to combat the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the editorial teams at Nature Research have curated a collection of relevant articles.

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    Deep carbon refers to the carbon found beneath the subsurface of the Earth, where ninety percent of the Earth’s carbon resides.

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    This collection combines published Research articles and Reviews from several Nature journals highlighting recent advances in our understanding of the role of the gut microbiota in health and disease, and the tools for studying these complex communities.

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    Infectious diseases remain a major global public health threat. Nature Microbiology presents a special Focus on Infectious Disease that includes 4 commissioned Reviews and Perspectives that discuss new approaches to track, detect and combat infectious disease.

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    Popularization of super-resolution imaging techniques has allowed cell biologists to probe cell structure and function in previously unattainable detail. These methodologies continue to evolve, with new improvements that allow tailoring the available techniques to a particular need and application. This collection showcases primary research articles, reviews and protocols and highlights these recent developments by exemplifying the new, interesting applications of super-resolution microscopy as well as related tool development.

    Image: Bertocchi et al., Nature Cell Biology volume 19, pages 28–37 (2017).
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    This collection consists of Reviews, Research articles, and News and Comment articles from several Nature journals, describing how antibiotic resistance emerges and detailing strategies through which new antimicrobial compounds are being discovered.

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    The collection combines Reviews and Research articles recently published across several Nature journals. It also includes links to additional content, including a Nature webinar that marked the 2015 World AIDS Day: “Eliminating HIV: bringing together prevention, treatment and cure”, featuring Steven Deeks (UCSF), Susan Buchbinder (UCSF) and Robert Siliciano (Johns Hopkins).

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