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Volume 18 Issue 9, September 2021

Volume 18 Issue 9

Cancer biology revealed with multiplexed imaging and spatial omics

Spatial omics and multiplexed imaging technologies are revealing cancer cell heterogeneity (red and purple cells) within a complex tumor microenvironment (blue, green and black cells).

See Lewis et al.

Image: Sabrina Lewis, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Cover Design: Thomas Phillips.


  • Editorial |

    Constructing a fair and accurate author list can be one of the most fraught aspects of manuscript publication. We provide some advice and resources for authors at all career levels.

This Month

  • This Month |

    She connects equity, samurai swords, imaging and an automated way to count and track mitochondria.

    • Vivien Marx

Research Highlights

  • Research Highlight |

    Researchers use an in vitro assay in combination with a polymer model to study protein–DNA condensation and how condensates bring distant DNA elements into close proximity.

    • Lei Tang
  • Research Highlight |

    A co-culture system to mimic the development of functional mouse oocytes in vitro.

    • Madhura Mukhopadhyay
  • Research Highlight |

    A software platform for analyzing data-independent acquisition (DIA) proteomics data.

    • Arunima Singh

Technology Feature

Review Articles

  • Review Article |

    This Review describes the state of the art in imaging extracellular vesicles in animals to study their release, biodistribution and uptake, and covers labeling strategies, microscopy methods and discoveries made in model organisms.

    • Frederik J. Verweij
    • Leonora Balaj
    • Guillaume van Niel


  • Resource | | Open Access

    The LIVECell dataset comprises annotated phase-contrast images of over 1.6 million cells from different cell lines during growth from sparse seeding to confluence for improved training of deep learning-based models of image segmentation.

    • Christoffer Edlund
    • Timothy R. Jackson
    • Rickard Sjögren


  • Analysis |

    This analysis systematically evaluates cross-linking chemistry and chromatin fragmentation strategies commonly used in 3C assays and introduces an improved Hi-C protocol for detecting loops and compartments.

    • Betul Akgol Oksuz
    • Liyan Yang
    • Job Dekker

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