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Volume 18 Issue 8, August 2021

Volume 18 Issue 8

An atlas of transcription factor expression during C. elegans development

A single-cell atlas of transcription factors mapped onto C. elegans cell lineage information reveals mechanisms of fate patterning and regulation during embryogenesis.

SeeMa et al.

Image: Zhiguang Zhao and Duchangjiang Fan, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Cover Design: Thomas Phillips


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    Professional editing can be a rewarding career. Here we discuss what the job entails, highs and lows, how to prepare for this career, the interview process and more.

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    A neuroscientist who jams, plays and builds a way to capture animal movement.

    • Vivien Marx
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    I do not think you can start with anything precise. You have to achieve such precision as you can, as you go along. —Bertrand Russell

    • Naomi Altman
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    Life scientists in Africa have had limited opportunity to participate in international advanced scientific training programs and workshops, which largely benefit researchers in North America, Europe and the Asia–Pacific region. Here, we chronicle the strategies adopted and challenges encountered in organizing Imaging Africa, an all-expenses-paid, continent-wide practical workshop in optical microscopy hosted in South Africa from 13 to 17 January 2020. Our experience can help steer other groups who similarly seek to organize impactful and sustainable training initiatives in Africa.

    • Michael A. Reiche
    • Digby F. Warner
    • Teng-Leong Chew

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