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Volume 18 Issue 7, July 2021

Volume 18 Issue 7

Single-lysosome metabolomics by mass spectrometry

Single-lysosome mass spectrometry measures the metabolomic heterogeneity of individual enlarged lysosomes.

See Zhu et al.

Image: Lili Qu, University of Science and Technology of China. Cover Design: Thomas Phillips.


  • Editorial |

    Computation goes hand in hand with contemporary biological studies. We describe a few trends in computational science that are helping drive new biological knowledge.

This Month

  • This Month |

    A flight path into biology and fast 3D projection of sample dynamics.

    • Vivien Marx



  • Comment |

    Computing plays a critical role in the biological sciences but faces increasing challenges of scale and complexity. Quantum computing, a computational paradigm exploiting the unique properties of quantum mechanical analogs of classical bits, seeks to address many of these challenges. We discuss the potential for quantum computing to aid in the merging of insights across different areas of biological sciences.

    • Prashant S. Emani
    • Jonathan Warrell
    • Aram W. Harrow

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    Co-fractionation mass spectrometry (CF-MS) has the potential to measure thousands of protein complexes in a single experiment, but the field is still in its infancy. A meta-analysis of CF-MS data yields a core CF-MS interactome and a tool allowing researchers to align new results to published data.

    • Fridtjof Lund-Johansen
    • Trung Tran
    • Adi Mehta

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