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Volume 18 Issue 6, June 2021

Volume 18 Issue 6

Detect-seq traces the editome of cytosine base editors

Just as the path of a snail can be traced by the trail of slime it leaves behind, Detect-seq traces the editing-intermediate deoxyuridine to reveal the editome, including different types of off-target mutations induced by cytosine base editors.

See Lei et al.

Image: Zhixin Lei, Peking University | John Starmer/EyeEm, Getty Images. Cover Design: Thomas Phillips.


  • Editorial |

    Researchers, funders, database managers and journals all have a role to play in accounting for diversity and prioritizing inclusion at the basic science level.

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    Reaching ground truth in super-res microscopy, powered by a love of cooking and food.

    • Vivien Marx



  • Comment |

    The most commonly used omics databases are a compilation of results from primarily male-only and sex-agnostic studies. The pervasive use of these databases critically hinders progress toward fully accounting for the biology of sex differences.

    • Kamila M. Bond
    • Margaret M. McCarthy
    • Kristin R. Swanson
  • Comment |

    Immunogenomics studies have been largely limited to individuals of European ancestry, restricting the ability to identify variation in human adaptive immune responses across populations. Inclusion of a greater diversity of individuals in immunogenomics studies will substantially enhance our understanding of human immunology.

    • Kerui Peng
    • Yana Safonova
    • Serghei Mangul

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  • Perspective |

    This Perspective describes new single-molecule protein sequencing and identification technologies alongside innovations in mass spectrometry that will eventually enable broad sequence coverage in single-cell proteomics.

    • Javier Antonio Alfaro
    • Peggy Bohländer
    • Chirlmin Joo


  • Analysis |

    Many computational tools for metagenomic profiling have been developed, with different algorithms and features. This analysis shows that, when comparing these tools, the distinction of different types of relative sequence abundance should be taken into consideration.

    • Zheng Sun
    • Shi Huang
    • Yang-Yu Liu

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