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Volume 16 Issue 5, May 2019

Volume 16 Issue 5

Detecting proteins and RNAs in single cells

Artistic rendition of a high-content single-cell CRISPR screen enabled by a multimodal phenotyping tool.

See Mimitou et al.

Image: New York Genome Center / Vincent Dittmer. Cover design: Erin Dewalt.


  • Editorial |

    Dispelling stigmas and highlighting benefits of the Nature Research manuscript transfer service.

This Month

  • This Month |

    His enhancer-discovery tool cisTopic is both wet-lab and dry-lab. John Coltrane matters, too.

    • Vivien Marx

Research Highlights

Technology Feature


  • Perspective |

    This paper reviews the cryo-EM technique of microcrystal electron diffraction (MicroED), providing a broad overview of the technique, the unique structures determined, and the opportunities for future development.

    • Brent L. Nannenga
    •  & Tamir Gonen


  • Analysis |

    Among 17 measures of association tested, measures of proportionality consistently performed well for inference of gene and cellular networks, cell clusters and links to disease from scRNA-seq data. In contrast, several widely used measures of association performed well on only a subset of tasks.

    • Michael A. Skinnider
    • , Jordan W. Squair
    •  & Leonard J. Foster

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