A three-dimensional virtual mouse generates synthetic training data for behavioral analysis

  • Luis A. Bolaños
  • Dongsheng Xiao
  • Timothy H. Murphy
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  • Imaging technologies are used throughout the life and biomedical sciences to understand mechanisms in biology and diagnosis and therapy in animal and human medicine. We present criteria for globally applicable guidelines for open image data tools and resources for the rapidly developing fields of biological and biomedical imaging.

    • Jason R. Swedlow
    • Pasi Kankaanpää
    • Shuichi Onami
  • The split-pool barcoding strategy has been extended to single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) of microbes.

    • Lei Tang
    Research Highlight
  • KIN-CLIP allows determination of binding and dissociation kinetics of RNA-binding proteins in cells.

    • Arunima Singh
    Research Highlight
  • In situ long-read sequencing combined with expansion microscopy enables precise views of transcriptomes in intact biological systems.

    • Rita Strack
    Research Highlight

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