Volume 4 Issue 9, September 2005

Volume 4 Issue 9

Polymer hollow particles with holes in their surfaces for loading with functional materials

Cover design by Karen Moore



Research News

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    The demonstration of switches and logic devices made purely from carbon nanotubes, without the need for an external gate, puts nanotubes at the forefront of next-generation electronics.

    • Hongqi Xu
  • News & Views |

    A comparative study of silica-filled polystyrene and thin polystyrene films offers a new framework both for quantifying the typical shift in the glass-transition temperature of such systems, and prospects for the design of new nanocomposites.

    • Anne M. Mayes
  • Materials Witness

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    In bulk semiconductors, the absorption of one photon of energy greater than the bandgap leads to one exciton. In quantum dots, however, it could be possible to create multiple excitons from a single high-energy photon, a finding with dramatic implications for the efficiencies of devices such as solar cells.

    • Philippe Guyot-Sionnest
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    Superconductivity and antiferromagnetism are in fierce competition in high-temperature superconductors. However, this competition has the unexpected benefit that the antiferromagnetism improves the capacity of the superconductor to resist magnetic fields.

    • Jan Zaanen