Volume 4 Issue 8, August 2005

Volume 4 Issue 8

A trabecular bone in a vertical disk cross-section.

Cover design by Karen Moore


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    The dislocation mechanisms involved in nanoscale deformation have so far been largely studied theoretically from atomistic simulations. High-temperature nanoindentation measurements provide a new quantitative experimental method of studying the onset of nanoscale plasticity.

    • William Gerberich
    •  & William Mook
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    A low-power light image projected on a photoconductive layer can initiate non-uniform electric fields over a large area, and allow the manipulation and sorting of particles without wires and electrodes and in the absence of flow.

    • Kishan Dholakia
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    Progress in all-organic electronic circuits has been hampered by the intrinsic low speed of organic devices. The fabrication of a fast organic rectifying diode opens the gate to novel applications.

    • Thomas N. Jackson
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    Commercialization of organic electronics has been limited by the complex processing required to make large-scale devices from single crystals. A new approach exploiting composite phase behaviour facilitates the manufacture of crystalline films from solution for high-quality devices.

    • Iain Mcculloch