Volume 4 Issue 3, March 2005

Volume 4 Issue 3

Optical cavities of ultra-high quality factor can be formed in the space between two photonic-crystal hereojunctions

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    Immobilization of membrane-bound proteins in inorganic matrices could allow creation of materials capable of mimicking biological processes. Advances in sol–gel biocomposites have now allowed development of a material that can use light to drive biosynthesis of ATP.

    • John D. Brennan
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    The performance of conventional longitudinal and perpendicular magnetic recording media will soon reach their limits. The use of tilted media should allow unprecedented storage densities, thermal stability and fast switching speeds.

    • Jian-Ping Wang
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    Reversible photochromism — based on a simple isomerization reaction — is heavily hindered when photochromic dyes are enclosed in polymer matrices. Tethering the dye to a flexible low-melting-point oligomer solves the problem.

    • Kunihiro Ichimura
  • Materials Witness