Volume 4 Issue 2, February 2005

Volume 4 Issue 2

Nanocrystals turn silicon transistors into light sources

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    The experimental proof that single molecules may act as electronic devices has been evasive. A comprehensive set of proof-of-concept experiments has just defeated this hurdle.

    • Jorge M. Seminario
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    To date, nanoparticles and their simple assemblies have attracted interest from many branches of science. The next step entails building complex structures with these particles in the way that atoms and molecules are put together in nature. Materials scientists may soon find a whole new set of building blocks in their toolbox.

    • Francesco Stellacci
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    Combination of silicon and polymer microfabrication with directed growth of muscle cells leads to integration of muscle function into microelectromechanical systems. These hybrid systems enable detailed functional understanding of the biological components and new applications as biomicromechanical devices.

    • Joachim P. Spatz
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    Silicon nanocrystals provide efficient means of generating light that is both tunable and compatible with conventional microelectronics. However, progress has been hampered by difficulties in achieving efficient carrier injection. A new approach could provide the solution.

    • Jan Linnros

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