Volume 4 Issue 11, November 2005

Volume 4 Issue 11

Morphology of a block copolymer vesicle

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    The use of quantum dots as DNA nanosensors promises to significantly enhance the sensitivity of fluorescence-based DNA detection for medical diagnosis and biomolecular investigations.

    • Benoit Dubertret
  • Materials Witness

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    The complexity of the size, shape and composition of nanocrystals is evolving. Equipping them with a single gold tip that can serve as a preferential anchoring point for molecular linkers holds promise for new strategies in self-assembly.

    • Pantaleo Davide Cozzoli
    •  & Liberato Manna
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    Once upon a time it was a surrogate for diamond. Now old SrTiO3 shines with its own (blue) light, as a radiative process from oxygen vacancies is discovered.

    • Harold Y. Hwang

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