Volume 3 Issue 8, August 2004

Volume 3 Issue 8

Controlling the orientation of aligned GaN nanowires

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    Creating π-conjugated nanowires and controlling their self-organization on surfaces are key issues in the fields of molecular, supramolecular and organic electronics. A new electrochemical method provides a promising route for creating polymer nanowire arrays.

    • Benjamin Grevin
    •  & Patrice Rannou
  • News & Views |

    Ceramic composites reinforced with nanoscale materials such as nanotubes are widely expected to have superior mechanical properties compared with more conventional composite materials. However, new work shows that the toughness of these nanocomposites can be severely overestimated when measured by the standard indentation method.

    • Brian W. Sheldon
    •  & William A. Curtin
  • News & Views |

    Supramolecular interactions between organic molecules not only enable them to self-organize into large regular assemblies, but also enhance their electronic and luminescent properties, which should help to improve the performance of organic devices.

    • M. Van der Auweraer
    •  & F. C. De Schryver
  • News & Views |

    Carbon nanotubes have great potential as polymer additives, but they are difficult to process. A mixture of nanotubes in a polypropylene melt exhibits enhanced electrical conductivity and an unusual flow force that simplifies processing.

    • Matteo Pasquali
  • Materials Witness

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