Volume 3 Issue 11, November 2004

Volume 3 Issue 11

The structure of quasicrystals such as the Tübingen aperiodic triangle tiling can be viewed as a packing of clusters.

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    The temperature dependence of the viscosity of most glass-forming liquids is known to depart significantly from the classical Arrhenius behaviour of simple fluids. The discovery of an unexpected correlation between the extent of this departure and the Poisson ratio of the resulting glass could lead to new understanding of glass ageing and viscous liquid dynamics.

    • Jeppe C. Dyre
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    Superconductivity and ferromagnetism are two very useful phenomena, but rarely coexist in bulk materials. Bringing them together in artificial hybrid structures produces some unusual results.

    • Alexandre Buzdin
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    Light-absorbing materials can exhibit exceptional photothermal effects as their characteristic dimensions approach the nanoscale. A flash welding technique that exploits the peculiar photothermal response of polyaniline nanofibres opens new avenues for processing and patterning polymer-based materials and devices.

    • Dan Li
    •  & Younan Xia
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    A glass transition in amorphous silicon has been surmised but never clearly shown experimentally. The very fast timescale of ion hammering experiments allows observation of the long-sought low-density liquid polyamorph of silicon.

    • Paul F. McMillan

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