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Volume 22 Issue 5, May 2023

Sculpting curved spaces in quantum materials

Spin- and orbital-sourced Berry curvature in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces grown along the [111] direction is reported.

See Lesne et al.

Image: Xavier Ravinet - UNIGE. Cover design: Lauren Heslop


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News & Views

  • Locally confined epithelial malignancies undergo a phase transition from a solid-like to liquid-like state, a process called unjamming, where associated chronic intracellular strain causes nuclear envelope rupture, leading to the emergence of pro-metastatic traits due to cGAS–STING pathway activation.

    • Matthew Deyell
    • Samuel F. Bakhoum
    News & Views
  • An optical spectroscopy approach unravels different layer-dependent correlated electron phases in a two-dimensional semiconductor heterobilayer.

    • Mauro Brotons-Gisbert
    • Brian D. Gerardot
    News & Views
  • Antiferromagnetism has a vanishing total magnetization and thus is extremely challenging to manipulate. Now, circularly polarized light is shown to efficiently detect, induce and switch a unique class of antiferromagnets.

    • Youngjun Ahn
    • Liuyan Zhao
    News & Views
  • Epitaxial topological heterostructures of (Bi,Sb)2Te3/graphene/gallium have been achieved using molecular-beam epitaxy, providing the opportunity to access Majorana zero modes in electrical transport when combined with van der Waals tunnel junctions.

    • Faxian Xiu
    News & Views
  • Local vibrational modes at substitutional impurities in monolayer graphene are resolved with a sensitivity at the chemical bonding level, revealing the impacts of different chemical configurations and mass of impurity atoms on the defect-perturbed vibrational properties.

    • Xingxu Yan
    News & Views
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  • Research on two-dimensional van der Waals ferroelectrics has witnessed an explosion over the past few years. This Perspective formulates a framework by which results can be analysed, reviews recent progress, discusses mechanisms and properties for applications, and outlines challenges to be addressed.

    • Chuanshou Wang
    • Lu You
    • Junling Wang
  • Nanoscale ferroelectric topological solitons, such as polar bubbles, polar bubble skyrmions and hopfions, have garnered immense interest due to their emergent properties. This Perspective discusses how these structures form, advances in their study and how they can enable new devices and physics.

    • Vivasha Govinden
    • Sergei Prokhorenko
    • Nagarajan Valanoor
  • The discovery of ferroelectric switching in ultrathin layers of hafnium dioxide has aroused significant interest for low-power non-volatile memory technologies. This Perspective discusses how lessons learned from hafnium dioxide-based ferroelectrics can be applied to other applications, and other binary oxides.

    • Beatriz Noheda
    • Pavan Nukala
    • Mónica Acuautla
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