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Volume 20 Issue 10, October 2021

Simulating 3D network polymer formation

A computational platform describing the spatial and temporal interactions of monomers during the formation of network polymers provides structure–property relationships that are used to synthesize 3D network polymers with tailored functionalities.

See De Keer et al.

Image: Ghent University. Cover Design: Thomas Phillips.


  • Research continues to showcase the versatility and application potential of perovskites, while our understanding of their structural and mechanical properties continues to improve.



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News & Views

  • Amorphous silicon shows abnormal tension–compression asymmetry, with much higher tensile yield strength than compressive yield. This discovery advances our understanding of plasticity in this and other similar amorphous materials.

    • D. C. Chrzan
    News & Views
  • The non-collinear spin structure and nontrivial Berry curvature of Mn3Ge give rise to a long-range supercurrent in superconductor–Mn3Ge–superconductor lateral Josephson junctions.

    • Su-Yang Xu
    • Qiong Ma
    News & Views
  • Scanning tunnelling microscopy experiments reveal a chiral charge density wave order underpinning the anomalous Hall effect in kagome lattice materials. Under pressure this charge order is suppressed, while superconductivity gets a boost.

    • Erik van Heumen
    News & Views
  • Through meticulous care for detail, researchers have now shattered the ceiling on thermoelectric performance, achieving a figure of merit above 3 for bulk SnSe polycrystalline powder.

    • Bo Brummerstedt Iversen
    News & Views
  • Metallic behaviour from a two-dimensional hole gas has been observed in solution-processed organic crystals, giving hope for this state of matter to be used in next-generation large-area soft electronics.

    • Mario Caironi
    News & Views
  • A nanosensor probe that combines a tumour-targeting peptide, a diagnostic reporter and an imaging contrast agent enables early diagnosis, precision imaging, disease stratification and downstream therapeutic response monitoring of metastatic cancer.

    • Matthew Bogyo
    News & Views
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Review Articles

  • Metal-halide and oxide perovskites are a rich playground for fundamental studies and applications. This Review focuses on the opportunities opened by reducing the dimensionality of these materials to two-dimensional monolayers.

    • Antonio Gaetano Ricciardulli
    • Sheng Yang
    • Michael Saliba
    Review Article
  • This Review provides an outlook on current understanding of the role of strain on the performance and stability of perovskite solar cells, as well as on tools to characterize strain in halide perovskite films and on strain management strategies.

    • Dongtao Liu
    • Deying Luo
    • Wei Zhang
    Review Article
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  • Submicrometre-sized amorphous silicon samples show an unusually large tensile strength relative to the compressive strength, which is due to the reduced shear modulus and the activation energy barrier for shear transformations under compression.

    • Yuecun Wang
    • Jun Ding
    • Zhiwei Shan
  • SnSe has a very high thermoelectric figure of merit ZT, but uncommonly polycrystalline samples have higher lattice thermal conductivity than single crystals. Here, by controlling Sn reagent purity and removing SnOx impurities, a lower thermal conductivity is achieved, enabling ZT of 3.1 at 783 K.

    • Chongjian Zhou
    • Yong Kyu Lee
    • In Chung
    Article Open Access
  • Interfaces play crucial, but still poorly understood, roles in the performance of secondary solid-state batteries. Using crystallographically oriented and highly faceted thick cathodes, the impact of cathode crystallography and morphology on long-term performance is investigated.

    • Beniamin Zahiri
    • Arghya Patra
    • Paul V. Braun
  • A two-dimensional hole gas with high carrier density is confined at the interface between a solution-processed, single-crystalline organic semiconducting film and the electric double layer formed by an ion gel on top of the film.

    • Naotaka Kasuya
    • Junto Tsurumi
    • Jun Takeya
  • Charged colloidal systems undergo fast crystallization under deep supercooling due to a coupled mechanism involving the discrete advancement of the crystal growth front and defect repair inside the recently formed solid phase.

    • Qiong Gao
    • Jingdong Ai
    • Peng Tan
  • Multimodal nanosensors have been developed to target and respond to hallmarks in the tumour microenvironment and provide both a non-invasive urinary monitoring tool and an on-demand positron emission tomography imaging agent to localize tumour metastasis and assess response to therapy.

    • Liangliang Hao
    • Nazanin Rohani
    • Sangeeta N. Bhatia
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Why it Matters

  • Gabriele Rainò, Lukas Novotny and Martin Frimmer discuss the approach they are pursuing at ETH Zürich to provide students with an education in quantum engineering.

    • Gabriele Rainò
    • Lukas Novotny
    • Martin Frimmer
    Why it Matters
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