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  • This Review discusses the photophysical properties and nonlinear behaviour of single molecules, and their use as single-photon sources and in single-molecule sensing and quantum-sensing applications.

    • C. Toninelli
    • I. Gerhardt
    • M. Orrit
    Review Article
  • First-principles calculations on a prototypical hybrid organic–inorganic perovskite reveal an unexpected role for hydrogen defects in the optoelectronic properties of this material.

    • Leeor Kronik
    • Andrew M. Rappe
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  • Ionizable phospholipids have been developed to enhance the delivery of mRNA and sgRNA for gene editing by selective organ targeting and endosomal membrane destabilization.

    • Satish G. Jadhav
    • Steven F. Dowdy
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  • Conjugated sulfonamides have been demonstrated as cathodes with high redox potentials and exceptional atmospheric stability, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional inorganic materials used in commercial lithium-ion batteries.

    • Jing Xie
    • Yi-Chun Lu
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  • This Review highlights the approaches that have been utilized in the implementation of sensory feedback onto prosthetic devices to restore the sensation of touch and proprioception for amputees.

    • Stanisa Raspopovic
    • Giacomo Valle
    • Francesco Maria Petrini
    Review Article
  • Highly ordered crystalline porous solids are useful for many applications. This Perspective explores the evolution of these systems from the ordered state to the glassy and liquid states, discusses the different types of porous liquid and considers possible applications of these disordered systems.

    • Thomas D. Bennett
    • François-Xavier Coudert
    • Andrew I. Cooper
  • Bright hot plasmon emission is observed in graphene due to the ultrafast relaxation of hot carriers that were excited by femtosecond laser pulses of visible light.

    • Frank H. L. Koppens
    • Klaas-Jan Tielrooij
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  • A microporous annealed particle biomaterial has been developed to induce an immune response that can enhance wound healing and tissue repair.

    • Jessica L. Stelzel
    • Joshua C. Doloff
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  • This Review provides an overview of experimental and theoretical methods for the understanding of thermal transport, summarizes recent progress in materials with ultrahigh (or low) thermal conductivities, and outlines strategies for the engineering of extreme thermal conductivity materials.

    • Xin Qian
    • Jiawei Zhou
    • Gang Chen
    Review Article
  • Very low-density pulsed current is shown to sharply change the dislocation evolution pattern of Ti–Al alloy with 7 at.% Al, enhancing its strength and ductility.

    • Stefan Zaefferer
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  • Using group theory and first principles calculations, it is shown that an analogue of the Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction that allows the antisymmetric exchange spin coupling in magnets exists in ferroelectrics.

    • Javier Junquera
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  • A light-induced topological phase transition is realized in the Dirac semimetal ZrTe5 by coherently driving symmetry-breaking phonons.

    • N. S. Sirica
    • R. P. Prasankumar
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  • Nanoporous tripeptide crystals mechanically deform upon water evaporation due to the strengthening of the water hydrogen bonding inside the pores, which causes the distortion of the surrounding supramolecular network, creating stresses that extend through the crystal lattice and result in actuation.

    • Panče Naumov
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  • An elaborate DNA origami tubular nanodevice encapsulating antigens and adjuvants protects mice from cancer through tumour-specific immunomodulation.

    • Hongjun Li
    • Zhen Gu
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  • Stress fibres form a fully integrated meshwork with the submembranous contractile actin cortex that generates and propagates traction forces across the entire cell.

    • Guillaume Charras
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  • Liquid-metal networks have been developed that can be stretched to extreme deformations with minimal change in electrical resistance, ushering in approaches for breathable and integrated soft and stretchable electronic devices.

    • Michael D. Bartlett
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