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  • The direct manipulation of a new kind of ferroelectric state, arising from the sliding of van der Waals layers in a coordination polymer, is demonstrated.

    • Mark S. Senn
    • Andrew L. Goodwin
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  • Observation of large remnant polarization in epitaxial yttrium-doped hafnium oxide thin films demonstrates that small-grained or ultrathin microstructures are not required to achieve robust ferroelectric behaviour.

    • Jeffrey A. Eastman
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  • Understanding, at the atomic level, the effect of the stacking and twisting of different layered two-dimensional materials is a major challenge for the future of twistronics. Optical excitations evidence twist-angle-dependent whirlpool-shaped distortions in such materials.

    • Ado Jorio
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  • Individual fullerenes containing switchable electric dipoles have been demonstrated to function as single-molecule memory and logic at room temperature.

    • Douglas Natelson
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  • By precisely stacking two sheets of graphene at a specific angle, the resulting moiré superlattice superconducts. Extending this notion, researchers have now found superconductivity in four- and five-layer graphene moiré stacks.

    • Aaron L. Sharpe
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  • A hydroxide exchange membrane fuel cell consisting of a nickel-based anode and a cobalt–manganese–oxide cathode is shown to achieve a power density of 488 mW cm–2 at 95 °C.

    • Frédéric Jaouen
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  • Giant exciton–polaritons come to the scene from a thin Cu2O crystal sandwiched by a microcavity. Their anticipated strong interactions may facilitate the development of a promising Rydberg solid-state platform for quantum technologies.

    • HeeBong Yang
    • Na Young Kim
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  • Dynamic recrystallization helps to refine grain structures in metals and tune their properties. Confining recrystallization within prior nanoscale twinning provides a path for reaching exceptional grain refinement.

    • Roland E. Logé
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  • Ultrathin CrSBr, a two-dimensional magnet, has been shown to exhibit very rich magnetic behaviours, from an unexpected magnetic order to optical emissions coupled to its magnetic state. This material has great potential for use in ultra-compact spintronics devices.

    • Ahmet Avsar
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  • Excitonic states with hybrid dimensionality in layered silicon diphosphide exhibit interesting features such as linearly dichroic photoluminescence and unusually strong exciton–phonon coupling.

    • Matthieu Fortin-Deschênes
    • Fengnian Xia
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  • Fruit flies injected with magnetic nanoparticles and genetically modified to sensitize neural circuits to the rate of change in temperature have enabled subsecond behavioural responses to magnetic stimuli and multi-channel magnetic control.

    • Michael G. Christiansen
    • Simone Schuerle
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  • This Review discusses the development of electronanotribology, its intersection with room-temperature ionic liquids and how such collaboration can be used to electrically control friction at the nanoscale.

    • Fernando Bresme
    • Alexei A. Kornyshev
    • Michael Urbakh
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  • A general method by controlling reaction kinetics is proposed to synthesize 67 kinds of two-dimensional crystal with custom-made phases and compositions, in particular, Fe- and Cr-based (layered and non-layered) chalcogenides and phosphorous chalcogenides, which show interesting ferromagnetism and superconductivity properties.

    • Weiguang Yang
    • Jieun Yang
    • Hyeon Suk Shin
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  • Outstanding resistance to destructive radiation damage in structural alloys is realized by ultra-high-density reversible nanoprecipitate inclusions, and the improvement is attributed to the reordering process of low-misfit superlattices in highly supersaturated matrices.

    • Yanwen Zhang
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  • Using high-pressure synthesis, perovskite antimonates have been realized with enhanced charge density wave gap and superconducting transition temperatures up to 15 K.

    • Seo Hyoung Chang
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  • Twisted monolayer–multilayer graphene superlattices present bi-stable reconstruction states, with reversible switch in-between and long-distance propagation triggered by local mechanical perturbation. This provides additional degrees of freedom for moiré engineering.

    • Augusto Ghiotto
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  • A temporal modulation protocol enriches topological Floquet physics by enabling the realization of bimorphic Floquet systems where Chern and anomalous Floquet phases coexist in a single platform of laser-written waveguides.

    • Alexander B. Khanikaev
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