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  • The manuscript reports on the experimental observation of a Lifshitz transition in a topological insulator HfTe5 subject to a strong magnetic field, which results in the formation of topological one-dimensional Weyl modes in the bulk of a three-dimensional material.

    • Wenbin Wu
    • Zeping Shi
    • Xiang Yuan
  • Laser additive manufacturing can be exploited to generate unique internally twinned nanoprecipitates in commercial titanium alloys, paving the way to fabricate ultrastrong metallic materials with intricate shapes for broad applications.

    • Yuman Zhu
    • Kun Zhang
    • Aijun Huang
  • The authors use circularly polarized light pulses to trigger all-optical magnetization switching in an atomically thin ferromagnetic semiconductor. The switching process is related to spin angular momentum transfer from photoexcited carriers to local magnetic moments.

    • Peiyao Zhang
    • Ting-Fung Chung
    • Xiang Zhang
  • The variation in the properties of rare earth (RE) steels is shown to stem from the presence of oxygen-based inclusions, and only under very-low-oxygen conditions can RE elements perform a vital role in purifying, modifying and micro-alloying steels.

    • Dianzhong Li
    • Pei Wang
    • Yiyi Li
  • Negative capacitance (NC) is a promising route towards low-power electronics. Here, a theory clarifying the connection between NC and voltage amplification is presented, and it is predicted that incipient ferroelectric states that do not necessarily maximize NC can result in a tenfold voltage amplification.

    • Mónica Graf
    • Hugo Aramberri
    • Jorge Íñiguez
    Letter Open Access
  • Reconstituted cytoskeleton networks linked with catch bonds display increased mechanical strength and crack resistance than those containing slip bonds, and simultaneously being more deformable, which allows for better adaptability to new mechanical environments.

    • Yuval Mulla
    • Mario J. Avellaneda
    • Gijsje H. Koenderink
  • The authors present evidence for the formation of commensurate charge order in non-superconducting thin films of infinite-layer nickelates, whereas they find no charge order in a superconducting film.

    • Charles C. Tam
    • Jaewon Choi
    • Ke-Jin Zhou
  • Collective cell migration in embryonic tissues is triggered by cell softening due to a microtubule deacetylation pathway involving the mechanosensitive ion channel Piezo1.

    • Cristian L. Marchant
    • Abdul N. Malmi-Kakkada
    • Elias H. Barriga
    Article Open Access
  • Understanding the ion intercalation and degradation mechanisms occurring during realistic battery operation is crucial to developing high-rate battery electrodes. Operando optical scattering microscopy is now used to study single-particle kinetic state-of-charge heterogeneities and cracking in high-rate Li-ion anode materials.

    • Alice J. Merryweather
    • Quentin Jacquet
    • Clare P. Grey
  • Unlike electron spins, nuclear spins in van der Waals materials remain a largely untapped quantum resource. Here we report the fast coherent control of nuclear spins and strong electron-mediated nuclear–nuclear spin coupling in hexagonal boron nitride.

    • Xingyu Gao
    • Sumukh Vaidya
    • Tongcang Li
  • The existence of fast dynamics in glass solids at low temperatures is attributed to liquid-like atoms that are inherited from high-temperature liquids and exhibit behaviour similar to that of atoms in liquid states.

    • C. Chang
    • H. P. Zhang
    • H. Y. Bai